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Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Activities for Upper Elementary:

These literature unit activities for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak has a digital distance learning option in Google Slides. Please refer to the final seven pages of the file for the link and instructions.

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak is a perfect segue for teaching your students the power of growth mindset. Conceptually, these ideas are perfect for any level, but this literature unit was created with 3rd-6th graders in mind.

I recommend starting the school year (or your growth mindset instruction) with material that teaches students about the brain. This provides students with a solid foundation for building subsequent growth mindset instruction.

Infused with reflections, challenges (including a STEM challenge for creating slingshots using rubber bands), and opportunities to identify and clarify growth mindset vs fixed mindset, your students are sure to learn and have a great deal of fun!

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain activities include:

  • Brainstorming ways to use elastics
  • Comparing and contrasting using a Venn diagram
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • Prompts for student reflections
  • A rubber band challenge
  • Identifying parts of the brain and their purpose
  • Fantastic Elastic Brain bookmarks (in full color and black and white)
  • Slingshot STEM challenge
  • Growth Mindset Posters (5 posters in full color and in black and white)
  • Answer Keys where deemed appropriate


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This file contains 37 pages + Google Slides™.

536 reviews for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Activities

Based on 536 reviews
  1. Deeper Learning 

    Thanks! I am exited about using this in the next couple weeks. This is a great resource!

  2. Lisa E

    Great companion to the book! Thank you 🙂

  3. Digging Deep to Soar Beyond the Text 

    I was just getting ready to read this book to my students when I saw this product, so I just had to buy it.

  4. Hedgehog Reader 

    I can’t wait to use this with my kids this week!!!

  5. GiGi in the Classroom 

    Had to buy the book. Thanks

  6. Marlene B

    I’m looking forward to using this as we study our brains – it is thorough, but not too complicated.

  7. Eyv R

    Great companion to the book!

  8. Marie W

    A great resource to focus on mindset

  9. Joelle V

    Used as part of morning meeting to lead into the character education trait: grit.

  10. Joelle V

    Used as part of morning meeting to lead into the character education trait: grit.

  11. Heather S

    Excellent resource!

  12. Kathryn R

    I love this product!

  13. Mary P

    A must if you are doing growth mindset!

  14. Flexing 4th  

    A helpful resource for this busy teacher ~ thanks!

  15. Beyond the Blackboard 

    Awesome addition to my brain unit with my GT kiddos!

  16. Lauren Moreland 

    Love this resource…AND this book!

  17. Marcie B

    This has great activities for teaching growth mindset

  18. Demi Torman 

    I think it was a little above my kiddos heads, but great info none the less.

  19. Jacquelin B

    Great activity for teaching growth mindset.

  20. Michelle B


  21. Amber C

    I’m so excited to use this resource to start the new year!

  22. j P

    looking to start this with my class as we need a fresh start to a challenging year

  23. Heather D

    Great resource for my unit on perseverance within the character development and leadership class our middle school students are required to take. I even used the bookmarks as the “prize” inside our Breakout Edu when we practiced perseverance and they loved them:)

  24. Deb H

    thank you!!!

  25. Kimberly Mechling 

    Love this book! Thanks for sharing fun activities to go along with the story!

  26. Viviana Graney 

    This is going to be great for back to school. Thanks.

  27. Victoria Wheeler 


  28. Carla Kennedy 

    A1 resource

  29. Ashley W

    I’s so excited to use this!

  30. PooBelle7 

    Loving this!

  31. Instructional Renovator  


  32. Meredith Snowden 

    great. Thanks

  33. J-Kan Teach 

    Love the book and great resource to compliment it! Thank you!

  34. Jennifer C

    Great stuff!

  35. Tracey S

    Great resource to use with the book

  36. krystal trevino 

    Very nice resource to use with the book!

  37. Jo Keane 

    Such a great resource to accompany the book and my Growth Mindset unit. Thanks!

  38. Tiffany Albers 

    Great way for students to work on their growth mindset.

  39. Deborah S

    What a great resource to introduce Growth Mindset. The students loved the lessons.

  40. ForeverATeacher 

    This was a fantastic resource that I used as centres in my Grade 4 classroom. My students were engaged with each of these activities.

  41. Rebecca F


  42. Donna B


  43. Rachel F

    This was a really nice collection of lessons to use with my special education students who struggle with rigid mindsets! They really enjoyed this AND I am seeing improvements in attitude…

  44. Jennifer S

    Amazing. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for doing this. Can’t wait to use it!

  45. Kristen Price 

    Perfectly compliments the book. Thanks

  46. Wendy S

    This is fantastic I chose certain items from the package and they LOVED IT.. so did I and we WILL be doing it again next year. THANK YOU

  47. Karen Mills 

    Great for growth mindset!

  48. sheri I

    I love this package, works well with my grade 2’s!

  49. Andrea F

    This is great – am using it with my grade 5 class. They are getting a lot out of it and it is a time saver for me.

  50. Rachel McIntosh 

    Thank you!

  51. Rachel McIntosh 

    Thank you!

  52. Wendy S


  53. Melissah Cook 

    Great resource. Thank you

  54. Robin Chiang 


  55. Loving Books Naturally 

    Great resource! Can’t wait to use it this fall. 🙂

  56. Play All Day the Kinder Way 

    A great amount of resources to go along with this book.

  57. Laura Pompa 

    Love this resource! I will use this in the first week of school. I attended three day conference focusing on Growth Mindset.

  58. NorthernBrains  

    I am so excited to use this with my class this year! We are going full force #growthmindset

  59. Nancy H

    I am really focusing on growth mindset this year in my class. I can’t wait to use these activities our first week of school.

  60. Jessica C

    Very excited to use this at the beginning of the year. Thank you!

  61. Rebecca S

    Just picked up this book and am excited to use your resources. Thank you!

  62. Mary Hillard 

    Looking forward to using this with my 5/6 ELA students. I wish it was editable as I found a typo (pg. 7 under Fixed Mindset).

  63. Kelly Wagner 

    Love this!

  64. Mary Hillard 

    Looking forward to using this with my 5/6 ELA students. I wish it was editable as I found a typo (pg. 7 under Fixed Mindset).

  65. Ashley May in 4th 

    Thanks for a great resource!

  66. Marcella M

    Thanks for your creativity.

  67. Kathy H

    Loved this resource. Will be using it again.

  68. Amy W

    Great for my growth mindset lesson!

  69. This Teacher Life 

    Just what I need to start our year off with a Growth Mindset!

  70. Ropers Pocket 

    Thank you for the great resource!

  71. Antoinette N

    Love the various activities included in this resource. Thank you for making learning fun and enjoyable! I cannot wait to use this resource in my classroom this year.

  72. Caroline C

    This had some great materials to use for teaching my new kiddos growth mindset

  73. Lisa H

    I can not wait to use this with my students when we get back to school.

  74. Allison S

    I cannot wait to use this with my students for back to school!

  75. Victoria W

    Great resource for teaching about growth mindset. I’m planning on using the rubber band activity with my students this fall.

  76. Lynne E

    Great hands on activity to start off the year to get the students thinking about a growth mindset!


    Love this companion pack and my kids do as well! Have been working a lot with growth mindset in my students and this has been a welcome addition.

  78. mary A

    Great first couple of days activity!

  79. Eva L

    Thanks! I’m using a brain theme this year. Perfect!

  80. Emily M

    Thank you!! 🙂

  81. Mrs Feldmann’s Fabulous Fifth Grade 

    I’m so excited to use this… looks wonderful!

  82. Arlene Armstrong 

    I’m excited to use this with my class.

  83. Arlene Armstrong 

    I’m excited to use this with my class.

  84. Linda B

    Excited about the cross curriculum this unit will provide !!!


    I love this book! My students in the past have really enjoy learning about the brain, but I’ve been looking for ways to expand upon the book. This will be a great resource for that!

  86. Britney H

    Thanks! I am thrilled to be using this resources to develop the confidence of my scholars! The activities are very engaging!

  87. Sarah Seeberger 

    This resource is wonderful for teaching growth mindset to my 4th graders at the beginning of the year. Thank you!

  88. Molly T

    I seriously can’t wait to begin this with my students. When my students understand how their brains learn, they are betters students. Plus the growth mindset aspect helps my students know that even though things are hard now, they won’t be later and we are better learners because of our perseverance.

  89. Jacque F

    I can’t wait to use this with my brain unit

  90. Laura Gilligan 

    My students are loving this unit!

  91. Loving to Learn with Mrs K 

    I’m so excited to use this with the book

  92. Katherine Simpson 

    Enjoyed using these resources with my sixth graders!

  93. E’liane K

    Love this book and love your activities to go with it!

  94. Melinda Huff 

    I’m loving combining this resource and the book along with my Growth Mindset Coaching book!

  95. Ronna B

    Just what I needed to reinforce our campuswide growth mindset campaign. Thank you!

  96. Lyda H

    Perfect for our lesson!

  97. Gretchen Cherian 

    This was so great to use with gifted students and 2nd and 3rd graders loved the colorful posters. It hung in our library most of the year. Thanks.

  98. Dala LuAnn Garrett 

    Great resource for the book!

  99. Elise L

    Can’t wait to use it with my kiddos during our intro to growth mindset!

  100. Sara M

    Great resource to use with growth mindset.

  101. Tara H

    Lots of great resources to go with an excellent growth mindset book.

  102. Brittany D

    My students loved this!!!! Thank you!

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    This is a great supplement to my growth mindset lessons!

  104. Jocelynn F

    Great way to start the year and get the students thinking about thinking! Love it.

  105. Randi F

    great growth mindset supplement

  106. Carrie M

    Thanks for a great product!

  107. Shannon T

    This whole packet is a great companion to the book. My students loved the activities and were completely engaged.

  108. PENNI R

    Great first week activities!!!

  109. Irene J

    This looks like an awesome resource! I’ve got it ready to go for the first week in my grade 4 class!

  110. Bonnie W

    great variety of activities to use within the classroom

  111. Kelly D

    This was an excellent addition to our study on Growth Mindset.

  112. Sara P

    This is amazing! Thanks!

  113. Christan W

    I love these activities! So excited to use them in my 3rd grade class.

  114. Tasha O

    My kids enjoyed this book and the activities too!

  115. Karen T

    Love this resource! Looking forward to sharing with my kiddos. Thank you so much for creating such a thorough product that gives me a lot to choose from.

  116. Ayn H


  117. Caitlin M

    Great activities to go with the book I use to introduce my students to growth mindset. Also good with science human body unit.

  118. Amy N

    Excellent resource. Thanks for posting!

  119. Desert Willow Education 

    This helps us so much with our nervous system studies, showing that we can train our brains. Thank you so much!

  120. Kerry P

    Excellent product.

  121. Kathy A

    Used parts of this in my School Success lesson for 5th graders…they loved it!

  122. CaffeineTeachRepeatInFirst 

    I can’t wait to use this with my fourth graders!

  123. Lori T

    This is such a great book, and these are great things to do with it.

  124. Jennifer B

    Great resource! Thank you so much.

  125. Lauri T

    Student’s loved the STEM challenge-so engaging and fun. Great opportunity for students to learn how to listen to each other and work together.

  126. Learning with Lerew 

    Great resource to coordinate with the book. I am implementing growth mindset literature and activities to teach my students this important framework.

  127. Lauren B

    I used this at the beginning of the year. It was perfect!

  128. Tabitha Edenfield 

    Thank you for these activities!

  129. Gloria C

    can’t wait to use

  130. Lisa A

    Lots of resources – great variety!

  131. Alicia C

    I love the visuals included with this pack!

  132. Margaret K

    Incredible resource!!

  133. luckylearningpod 


  134. Angie T

    GREAT resource! Had to keep an eye on the rubber bands though! 🙂

  135. Angie T

    GREAT resource! Had to keep an eye on the rubber bands though! 🙂

  136. Tara P

    The kids really enjoyed these. I enjoyed learning more about the kids.

  137. Delcina C

    So much wonderful stuff. I didn’t get to all of it. I will use it later for refreshers.

  138. Jodie Bishop 

    This is a great product, thanks!

  139. Amie L S

    Wonderful resource with many great activities.

  140. Janelle S

    Great resource to help shape positive thinking!

  141. Jane M

    Thanks!! This was fun!!

  142. Jennifer M

    There is a lot of good activities here to use with students. We will need to do more of them next year!

  143. Jennifer H

    New to Growth Mindset and loved the activities!

  144. Heidi B

    Great addition to the book.

  145. Wendy W

    Great lesson for growth mindset. Thank you!

  146. Tiffany H

    This fits in with my growth mindset curriculum. Thanks!

  147. Celia D

    Thank you!!

  148. Tina Leavitt 

    good resource

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    My students enjoyed these activities!

  150. Kerrie G

    Great for kids of different grades.

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    Looking forward using this with my upper elementary kids for our Wellness activities!

  153. Duncan Barber 

    Good resource.

  154. Tammy L

    Perfect to go with my Leadership classroom and follows things I am learning in a graduate class right now.

  155. Jane M

    Thank you for such a great resource on an important topic!

  156. Carol T

    Well done but some materials too advanced for third graders

  157. Carol T

    Well done but some materials too advanced for third graders

  158. Laura J

    This is a wonderful packet for my very independent 9 year old! She is enjoying it and stretching her brain in the process!!

  159. Britney B

    It’s so much fun to teach kiddos about the brain and see their excitement!

  160. Kim M

    Useful, thank you.

  161. Lisa M

    These activities help make the kids make sense of our amazing brains!

  162. Alexandra Madrid 

    I used this at the beginning of the year with my 3rd grade students to teach and discuss fixed vs. growth mindset.

  163. Karri H

    Thank You!

  164. Alyssa Bontrager 

    Great variety.

  165. Kimberly H

    Great resource! We used it as part of a larger Growth Mindset Unit! Thanks!

  166. Kimberly Scheuring 

    I love all the activities. My kids are enjoying everything we are doing.

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    This a great!

  170. Laurie T

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  172. Wish I Was Teaching at the Beach 

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  177. michelle O

    This is a great resource. I implemented it in my Responsive Classroom this year and I love it!

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    Great hands-on activities

  180. Mary H

    Excited to use these with our small groups!

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    used for the beginning of the year

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    Love the unit. Glad to see an upper elementary version

  183. Teaching and Learning Adventures 


  184. The Therapy Dog Counselor 

    I incorporated some of this with a 5th grade lesson. They loved it!

  185. Brenda L

    I used this book with my students when the Science teacher did her unit on the body systems. It was a great tie in and the students remembered more. They still refer back to the book at times in class.

  186. Brenda L

    I used this book with my students when the Science teacher did her unit on the body systems. It was a great tie in and the students remembered more. They still refer back to the book at times in class.

  187. Diane L

    Love this! Full of great resources!

  188. donna H

    I love the book and I love this resource. Very helpful and the kids really liked the activities.

  189. Mary Enwemaya 

    I love using this for my 2nd graders in conjunction with 7 Habits of Happy kids. You see students internalize these ideas and own their social, personal and academic learning.

  190. Michelle P

    Great addition to unit.

  191. Erin M

    I’m using this with my ELL students. They enjoyed the rubber band challenge.

  192. Jaclyn L

    This resource was a great way to bring science in the form text to our growth mindset introductory lessons this year.

  193. Cristi S

    This review was left prior to the new ratings system. See rating breakdown.

  194. Celeste Y


  195. Monique W


  196. Brittany A

    great supplemental activities to guide discussion and exploration of growth mindset!

  197. ELA Techsperts 

    I love teaching my students about the brain. This worked perfectly with Whole Brain Teaching. Thank you!

  198. Elizabeth C

    Kids loved it and so did I. They were enthusiastic about the STEM challenges and it opened up the floor for some really great conversations!

  199. Claire H

    What a great resource. An excellent link to the text. Thanks

  200. Alison F

    Thank you, this has been a great help

  201. Jennifer Capen 

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  219. Nicole D

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  220. Denise M

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  223. Zoraida M

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    Downloaded this based on great feedback – it was accurate! Great resource to add to my brain lessons toolbox. 🙂 Thank you!

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  249. Shelly’s 3rd Grade Sources 

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  254. Klennert Corner 


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  259. Amber W

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  260. Teri R

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  261. Jennifer T


  262. Learners for Life 

    I’ve been doing a brain unit to start the year out fro several years now and this was the perfect addition to our unit along with the Growth Mindset DOJO videos. Thank you so much for this helpful resource. The posters are fabulous!

  263. Lecia S

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  265. Martha T

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  266. School Counseling Content 


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    Great resource, I used it with my special needs class. They we very interested and enjoyed it!

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    A brilliant resource, will be using alongside Inside Out for a health and wellbeing topic.

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  274. Lindsay C

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    I use this resource with my fifth graders at the BOY and it’s perfect!

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  278. Kimberly L

    Liked the variety of resources and especially the rubber band challenge. I’m going to use a different engineering STEM style graphic organizer, but I appreciate the teacher tips!

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  292. Charlotte S

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  300. Tracey G

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    My 3rd graders really liked learning about the brain. This unit was great for the beginning of the year.

  302. Sarah Jane’s Classroom 

    Lots of great resources!

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  304. Kallei Mapes Hahn 

    This is a great resource to pair with Growth Mindset learning.

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  310. Erin M

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  311. Rebecca W

    Really fun to use to get kids thinking about their “I can” or “I can’t” mindset.

  312. Rebecca W

    Really fun to use to get kids thinking about their “I can” or “I can’t” mindset.

  313. Michelle S

    great resource

  314. Shawnee Scaniffe 

    Great resource for the beginning of the year!

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  329. Britney S

    Thank you for creating this packet for upper and lower grades. Very helpful to have similar content differentiated for both age groups.

  330. Rhonda W

    I’m not seeing how this is a literature unit, but it is a great resource for growth mindset lessons. It has a lot of great thought/discussion-provoking activities. I’m using it about 2 days per week for about 20 minutes per day, and I am only a couple activities into with the students, but we are loving it!

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  332. Words of Wisdom SLP 

    Thank you for a comprehensive and fun product!

  333. Rhonda W

    I’m not seeing how this is a literature unit, but it is a great resource for growth mindset lessons. It has a lot of great thought/discussion-provoking activities. I’m using it about 2 days per week for about 20 minutes per day, and I am only a couple activities into with the students, but we are loving it!

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    Thank you for this amazing resource!

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