What are Examples of Alliteration?

Some of the most exciting lessons for students involve figurative language. This is because figurative language can be so much fun to learn and practice! However, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. This is due to the fact that there are so many different types, such as metaphors and similes, to learn. Thankfully, having fun, creative examples when learning figurative language will be an incredible way to ensure all students are focused. Thus, when teaching alliterations, having sentences that bring in student interest, and make them laugh, is essential! 

What are Alliterations?

Alliterations occur when words that start with the same consonant sound are used multiple times in a sentence. Within the sentence, the consonant sounds do not have to be right next to each other. Thus, the same sound can be spread throughout the sentence. Truly, alliterations turn ordinary sentences into ones that are often fun for students to read! 

Alliteration Examples

Thankfully, there can be so many alliteration examples that will help relate the content to all students. 


Sports Themed Alliteration Sentences

If your students love sports, here are some great examples: 

  1. The baseball bumped the batters bat. 
  2. The skilled soccer player scored a spectacular goal. 
  3. Football fever fuels fans. 
  4. Rachel ran right until she realized she was running round and round on the field.

Food Themed Alliteration Sentences

If your students love food and cooking, here are some great examples: 

  1. All Adam ate in August was apples and almonds. 
  2. Even elephants enjoy eating eggs every day.
  3. He dunked the delicious donut in dairy creamer.
  4. Little Larry likes licking the sticky lollipop.

Holiday Themed Alliteration Sentences

If your students love the holidays, here are some great examples: 

  1. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer rose rapidly to the roof.
  2. Jane juggled jack o’ lanterns in the gym.
  3. The ghouls and ghosts greeted the gangly goblins.


Animal Themed Alliteration Examples

If your students love animals, here are some great examples: 

  1. Those lazy lizards are lying like lumps in the leaves.
  2. Paula’s prancing pony out-performed all the others.
  3. Umberto the unicorn sat in his underwear under the umbrella. 
  4. The parrot perched upon the pirate’s peacoat.

Weather/Nature Themed Alliteration Examples

If your students love weather and nature, here are some great examples: 

  1. The beautiful bouquet blossomed in the bright sun.
  2. The tornado tossed the trailer like a trash can.
  3. The wind was whistling through the weeping willows.
  4. Paula planted the pretty pink poppies in the pot.

Fairy Tale Themed Alliterations

If your students love fairy tales and stories, here are some great examples: 

  1. The Princess fairy flies fast at night.
  2. Cinderella’s dress has dazzling bright diamonds.
  3. The prince baked a big cake and brought it to Cinderella’s birthday bash. 
  4. Wicked witches want wriggling worms to remove warts.  


Consonant Blend Alliteration Examples

As students become more confident with alliterations, they can dive into the content even deeper. To do this, they can work with consonant blends! By doing this, students will see how alliterations are not only a single letter. Instead, they can consist of a blend. 

To help students understand this concept, here are some great examples: 

  1. The blue blouse was so thin that the girl had to wrap up in a blanket. (Blend: bl)
  2. While riding the sled, the kids slammed into the sleigh decoration due to the slippery ground.  (Blend: sl)
  3. The friends love to use glitter glue since it glows during the night. (Blend: gl)
  4. The flower petals became flat after flipping around due to the wind. (Blend: fl)

Extra Alliteration Practice

Whether students need extra practice to develop a stronger understanding or like to practice for fun, there are resources ready! For instance, there are Alliteration Activities and Task Cards and Alliteration Boom Cards,and even an Alliteration Color by Number Pixel Art activity. All options are filled with fun ways to identify words that have the same sound. Students will work on mastering figurative language after completing activities that they truly enjoy. If you need to know more about Boom Cards click here!


Teachers know that when children are more engaged, they are more interested in learning the topic. Therefore, when wondering what are examples of alliteration that can be used, think of your students. For instance, some classes may be more interested in examples dealing with food while others may prefer sports. Thankfully, there are so many examples to pick from and endless options to create! Students will love learning about alliterations when they are smiling and laughing at the content. 

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