The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes Growth Mindset Literature Unit Activities


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The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes Activities:

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset and fixed mindset? These activities for The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubinstein are PERFECT FOR YOU!

These worksheets and lessons provide fun instruction on the role of failure and/or making mistakes in growth mindset and fixed mindset perspectives.

Conceptually, these ideas are perfect for any level, but this literature unit was created with 2nd-6th graders in mind (2nd graders may need extra support with some of the activities).

You will find the following activities in this literature unit for The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes:

  • Discussion questions in 1/2 sheet task card form as well as list form (13 questions over 2 pages)
  • Discussion questions answer sheet
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (using mistakes as a framework)
  • Too Much Pressure (students reflect on the pressure they might feel)
  • What Can You Learn From Mistakes?
  • Got Mistakes? (brainstorming different types of mistakes students have made)
  • Perseverance (a look at famous people who have failed and/or made multiple mistakes along the way)
  • A Week of Purposeful Mistakes…
  • When You Feel Worried (steps for helping)
  • Five full-color posters with quotes about mistakes
  • Five corresponding black-and-white quotes posters

PLEASE NOTE: Since the questions and activities are opinion and experience based, there are NO answer keys.


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file includes 39 pages + Google Slides™

274 reviews for The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes Growth Mindset Literature Unit Activities

Based on 274 reviews
  1. SB

    Stephanie B

    This is a wonderful unit to use to help teach the concept of Growth Mindset. It’s very comprehensive, and provides lots of activities. Thank you!

  2. MK

    Mary K P

    Such a great story and valuable lessons in this growth mindset story. It makes every child go a little deeper into their own thoughts. Thank you!

  3. JP

    Jennifer P

    This is a great lesson on growth mindset. I like that it addresses the pressures students may face.

  4. CB

    Courtney B

    This year in fifth grade I wanted to start the year off with a heavy focus on growth mindset. Thank you for making this incredible product that can be utilized in fifth grade.

  5. AN

    Antoinette N

    What a wonderful resource! I cannot wait to read this story and do these activities with my students. I can see that there are writing and critical thinking activities among the resources in this package. Thanks so much for making my job so much easier.

  6. NM

    Natalie Moustakas 

    Great addition to social emotional learning focus at beginning of the year!

  7. EB

    Emilie B

    So excited to use this the first weeks of school to get the year started off on the right foot! Thank you!

  8. JH


    Perfect activity and lessons for the start of a new year!

  9. PT

    Pam T

    Perfect for my beginning of school activities. I teach writing and so many are afraid to try. This lesson will help us to remember that we learn through our mistakes. Thanks.

  10. TM

    Trish M

    4th year teaching with this literature … 1st year with this resource. Thanks for making my life a little easier.

  11. SJ

    Stephanie J

    great product

  12. SD

    Stephanie D

    Great resource! Thank you

  13. LD

    Leslie D

    I’m looking forward to using this with two students that I tutor.

  14. MS

    Mrs Saunders Creations  

    Love this!

  15. BC

    Britney Cardman 

    Growth mindset is a must in all classrooms. I love using this at the beginning of the year.

  16. RM

    Roxana M

    Really great unit. I bought it to use with first grade (suggested grades are 2 and up). I think it’s a bit harder for first, but I am going to use it during the last few weeks of school. I think my students will be ready for it then.

  17. SB

    susan B

    Nice addition

  18. M


    Great beginning of the year activity!

  19. DL

    Diana LaBrose 

    I love this book. This is a perfect resource! So many great ideas! Thanks!

  20. DR

    Dawn R

    These activities really helped my students develop a growth mindset. They used to think making mistakes was a bad thing but have learned that it’s part of learning. Thanks for this packet!

  21. DH

    Deborah H

    My students enjoyed the activities.

  22. DC

    Deanne C


  23. LP

    Lindsey P

    Can’t wait to use this resource to help me teach perseverance!

  24. KB

    Kirsten B

    I love being able to extend art activities and growth mindset.

  25. LJ

    Lisa J

  26. LD

    Laura D

    Good to use if you’re doing growth mindset in your class.

  27. IC

    Iced Coffee Classroom 

    Wonderful resource!

  28. ML

    Miss Landis 


  29. KA

    kerry A

    Very helpful! Thanks.

  30. IC

    Ingrid Cyriaque 

    Great accompany resource to the book

  31. EL

    Erin L

    Great resource for students. Easy to use and prep!

  32. KB

    Kathy B

    Pairs nicely with the book.

  33. MK

    Mandy Kelly 

    Great for beginning of the year!

  34. DB

    Diana B

    This year, my class is in need of regular reminders about Growth Mindset. This was a great help!

  35. NP

    Nicki P

    I love this book and am glad I have this resource when we read the book! Thank you!

  36. AJ

    Alisha J

    Was a great resource for unpacking the story. Thank you!

  37. LH

    Lauren Hofman 

    This is a great book and awesome resources to go with it! Thank you!

  38. AG

    Amy Gandee 

    Fifth grade and second grade buddies loved working on this project together!

  39. CC

    Crazy Cat Lady 

    Fits in well with our new focus on Growth Mindset.

  40. JG

    Julie G


  41. HW

    Heidi W

    Great resource for book. Highly recommend this to supplement the story!

  42. WL

    Wendy L

    Great product! Excited to use this upcoming school year! 🙂

  43. NT

    Nancy T

    I am looking forward to incorporating this into my Growth Mindset Unit.

  44. AM

    Annamaria M

    Great resource to use with the book. Thanks.

  45. EA

    emily arnsdorff 

    Thank You!!

  46. JE

    Jordan E

    This is a great way to teach growth mindset!

  47. KM

    Kayla M

    Great resource for this book!

  48. ML

    Mindy L

    I can’t wait to use this in the upcoming school year. I plan to do something regarding Growth Mindset each week to keep it fresh in my students minds. This will be a great addition to my lessons.

  49. KL

    Kim Lee Arroyo 

    Great for a beginning of the year activity!

  50. PW

    paula waterbury 

    Great resources to go along with a powerful book teaching kids that it is ok to make mistakes.

  51. CZ

    Cynthia Z

    I can’t wait to use this!! Thank you!!

  52. SA

    Sue A

    Excellent resource, very relevant and well presented. Definitely recommend.

  53. KW

    Karen W

    Great activities to introduce growth mindset!

  54. MW

    Morgan White 

    I’m trying to focus more on growth mindset this year. This will be a wonderful activity to start off with on the first day of school! Thanks!

  55. KP

    Katharine P

    I can’t wait to use this the first week of school!

  56. RP

    Renee P

    What a wonderful resource! I can’t wait to use this with my students

  57. AP

    Amy P

    Another great unit for my first month.

  58. GK

    Gabrielle K

    This helped me out with the book and how I could use it in my classroom!

  59. BV

    Britney V 

    My kids loved this resource:)

  60. T


    Love this bundle! Definitely a great resource for teaching growth mindset

  61. BB

    Brooke B

    Can’t wait to use as part of growth mindset lessons.

  62. MB

    Michelle B

    Great Product

  63. LW

    lorri W

    i use this at the BOY to get the kiddos in the mindset of growth and that we can make mistakes

  64. SA

    Shannon A

    I have been looking for something like this! Thanks!

  65. LW

    Lawanda W

    Very good resource!

  66. KB

    Katie B


  67. TS

    Tammy Smith 4th 

    Great resource to teach growth mindset

  68. HI

    Hoppy in Second 

    Can’t wait to use this!

  69. LC

    Loren C

    Loved it!

  70. BF

    Barbara Frazier 

    I am so excited to read the book and do these activities. I am doing them at centers.

  71. WC

    Wendy C

    A great resource for the beginning of the school year! Goes perfectly with the book.

  72. SG

    Stacie G

    Great resurce!

  73. JL

    Jennifer L

    Nice product to use at the beginning of the year!

  74. CS

    Cathy S

    Complete tool for Growth Mindset

  75. PW

    Pamela W

    Great for the first week of school!

  76. BB

    Brook B

    Thank You

  77. KC

    Kimberly C

    Love it

  78. RR

    Rebecca R

    Great for growth mindset

  79. EB

    Elizabeth B

    I’m looking forward to using this during the first few weeks of school.

  80. BS

    Brandyn S

    Great for the first day of school!

  81. MB

    Michelle B

    Great resource. Lots of variety. Thx!

  82. CT

    Christi T

    This was great for talking about character traits and how it is okay to make mistakes.

  83. JL

    Jennifer L

    This was such a fun back to school activity! Thank you!

  84. AA

    Aurora A

    Great book with a great message. The activities help with the explaining growth mindset.

  85. M


    A great lesson to go along with the book!

  86. TH

    Tammy HOLMBERG 

    Loved it, students loved it!!

  87. SA

    Shiplap And Studies  

    Goes perfect with the book

  88. JH

    Jennifer H

    I was able to create a cohesive lesson plan focusing on a few objectives with this. Thanks!

  89. JH

    Jennifer H

    I was able to create a cohesive lesson plan focusing on a few objectives with this. Thanks!

  90. SV

    Sara V

    Easy to use, engaging and appropriate for 3rd graders.

  91. DB

    Deanna B

    Was a little difficult for my third graders.

  92. MM

    Marina McKenna 

    Excellent beginning of the year activity! Thanks!

  93. DL

    dina L

    great resource!

  94. BW

    Berlinda W

    Great resource! I especially liked the discussion questions!

  95. CB

    Casey Buckley 

    Wow! This resource was great for introducing growth mindset to my class

  96. ML

    Milissa Lee C

    Love this!!!

  97. WR

    Wendy R

    Great resource to go with this book!

  98. DN

    Donna N

    Awesome product! Thank you!

  99. KB

    Kelly B

    My students enjoyed these activities!

  100. MP

    Mary Patricia Brown 

    Super helpful, thx

  101. KS

    Kathryn S

    Thank You!

  102. ST

    Shannon T


  103. AH

    Annette H

    Met my needs for teaching growth mindset

  104. KL

    Kameron Lacroix 


  105. SF

    S for Sped 

    This literature bundle is LIFE! It was really engaging. My kids were focused and enjoyed completing the activities.

  106. SM

    Sarah M

    Can’t wait to use this with my 3rd graders!

  107. CT

    Christina T

    Going to use for a counseling group based on Growth Mindset! Great discussion questions 🙂

  108. AP

    Angie P

    Love! Fun!

  109. JC

    Jennifer C

    Great product.

  110. KD

    Kelly D

    Another great book to share at the beginning of the year!

  111. JM

    Jamie M

    This is a great accompaniment to the book!

  112. SM

    Sutherland Manor 

    What an awesome resource for the 1st week of school! Worked out very well! Love it!

  113. BW

    Brenda Whitley 

    we love it

  114. CG

    Courtney G

    Loved this for a growth mindset and letting my kids know it’s ok to make mistakes.

  115. CM

    Cheryl M

    Perfect to go along with the book. Great activity for the beginning, middle, or end of the year.

  116. RK

    Robyn K

    I truly believe we learn more from our mistakes that all that we do right, so I’m looking forward to perpetuating this growth mindset with my students.

  117. AY

    Allison Y

    Wonderful activities to go with a wonderful book! Thanks!

  118. KH

    Kristina H

    Great tool to use along with the book. It led to many great discussions. Thank you!

  119. CS

    Carmen S

    Fun ideas to use with the book.

  120. WM

    wanda M

    Amazing Product!

  121. SV

    Sherrie V

    A great resource to use if you are teaching growth mindset. It really helped my students apply this new way of thinking.

  122. SF

    Sarah F

    Helpful to go with the book.

  123. CK

    Christina K

    Great resources for helping to teach growth mindset and the value of mistakes! The kids enjoyed the book and the activities!

  124. TL

    The Learning Spring 

    Great Resource!

  125. MV

    Myca Vinson 

    Love this! Great resource to teach students about making mistakes and growth mindset

  126. CM

    Christy M

    My students loved this.

  127. LH

    Laurie H

    Great resource!

  128. EK

    E Kersting Peterson K

    great book great resource

  129. YS

    Yahaira Smith 

    Excellent resource! Thank you!

  130. EL

    Ellen L


  131. AM

    Alisia M

    This is a great addition to my Growth Mindset unit. I love this book and the activities were great!

  132. RW

    Rhonda W

    I was so excited to find this resource! I have a connection to the publisher, Sourcebooks, so it was fun to work with one of their books.

    There are a lot of great thought/discussion provoking activities and questions that highlight the message. We had a great time with this unit.

  133. BH

    Britney H

    Very engaging activities

  134. SR

    Salina R

    Great ideas. I’m excited to use them!

  135. RD

    Rachel D

    Great! Thank you!

  136. JP

    Janet P

    Use this as an additional resource for the use of the book itself.

  137. JP

    Janet P

    Use this as an additional resource for the use of the book itself.

  138. SE

    Sandra E R

    Families easily used this material at home with my support!

  139. TC

    The Crazy Cat Teacher 

    Great resource, thanks!

  140. DM

    diane M


  141. DM

    Deanne M

    Loved this unit. Great lessons.

  142. BN

    Becky N

    This looks great! Can’t wait to use it with my students!

  143. JB

    Janet B

    Great Resource

  144. KB

    Kelly Bellendir 

    The students loved the book and the activities to go with it. It was a great way to teach children about growth mindset and how mistakes can be good!

  145. RH

    Rebecca H

    SO great to use at the beginning of the year to foster a growth mindset!

  146. LT

    Love to Learn Live to Teach 

    Thank you!

  147. FP

    Front Porch Teaching 

    Simple and easy to follow format.

  148. KW

    Kathleen W

    great resource – easy to use

  149. AH

    Amy H

    Great resource to teach Growth Mindset!

  150. SL

    Shelly L

    Great! Thanks!

  151. AS

    Abigail S

    This is great for kiddos getting ready to take FSA

  152. AS

    Abigail S

    This is great for kiddos getting ready to take FSA

  153. SW

    Shadlee W

    Excellent resource!

  154. LW

    Lora W

    I love this!! I am trying to incorporate more Growth Mindset and Social Emotional Learning activities. This is a great resource to go with a wonderful book!

  155. MK

    Mary K

    This was an excellent resource for my students! Thank you!

  156. ML

    Melissa L

    Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  157. JM

    Jennifer M

    My year 2 loved participating in the activities. Great resource.

  158. JH

    Janette H

    Excited to use this!

  159. CM

    Christina M Cozby 

    Great resources for this story!

  160. MB

    Michele B

    We read the book and did the activities during the first week of school. My 5th graders were surprised to learn that not making mistakes is actually limiting.
    Thank you, Michele Beaudoin

  161. LB

    Lori B

    Very thorough. Great resource especially for students who get stressed about mistakes.

  162. EM

    Elizabeth M

    Great, thanks!

  163. MS

    Melanie S

    Perfect for teaching growth mindset! Thanks!

  164. KB

    Kristy B

    used in the beginning of the year

  165. JS

    Jekaterina S

    Great product—- my students loved it!!!!

  166. JS

    Jill Shaheen 

    Love this!!!!!

  167. AM

    Ashley Milam 

    This was a great way to enhance the story. Thanks!

  168. YL

    Yuliana L

    Great resource to go along with the book! Students loved it!

  169. CF

    Cristina F

    Great beginning of the year resource.

  170. VS

    Vanessa S

    Loved using this resource to discuss growth mindset.

  171. MN

    Marta N

    Excellent growing mindset resource!

  172. LL

    Laura L

    Great resource. Thank you!

  173. AR

    Anne Reiff 


  174. LG

    Leanne Gochenour 

    Great product!

  175. PM

    Patricia Maier 

    Great resources to use with the book!

  176. MM

    Maggie M

    Great first week activity!

  177. KC

    Kristi Cox 


  178. EG

    Emilee G

    Great resource for the book and for the first days of school!

  179. NT

    Nicole T

    A wonderful variety of activities to help us reflect on the book. Thank you!

  180. AC

    Alyssa C

    This is everything I would want in a resource!!! I’m so excited to read the book and use these activities as a week long unit 🙂 Thank you!

  181. CR

    Connie R

    I love this product! Thank you! I can’t wait for my students to read the book.

  182. CL

    Cheryl L

    Thank you.

  183. DM

    diana moore 

    Lots of activities for growth mindset!

  184. KH

    Kim H

    My students really enjoyed this resource.

  185. BL

    Betsy L

    Easy sup plan to have on hand!

  186. KR

    Kayla R

    Great product! Thank you!!! Will utilize with the book

  187. DC

    Deborah C

    Wonderful resource…used it the first week of school!!!

  188. F4

    Flexing 4th  

    THANKS! Great resource.

  189. MS

    Michelle S

    Excellent resource for a social emotional lesson.

  190. JK

    Julia K J


  191. KK

    Kimberly K

    great resource!

  192. CW

    Cassidy W

    This is another favorite of mine to use when I am teaching growth mindset. I love all the activities that can be done with the text.

  193. SD

    Stacy D

    The book was very enlightening and the activities that go with it are very well thought out and put together. We enjoyed this a lot.

  194. TP

    Terra P


  195. PF

    Paige F

    Helpful resource for distance learning! TY

  196. LN

    Liana N


  197. WR

    Wendance’s Resources 

    Loved this unit!! The activities were fabulous to go along with such an appropriate book & theme for this time – perserverance.

  198. LR

    Linda R

    This is wonderful. I use it every year with my gifted students and my STEM classes.

  199. PL

    Patricia L

    These activities were very difficult for my language challenged learners. I think they would be right on track for typical learners.

  200. KB

    Kim B

    Excellent resource.

  201. JP

    Janet P

    I have always read this story at the beginning of the year but now I use the activities and I think it sticks with the students more than in the past. Plus I use this as a center at the beginning of the year too!

  202. JC

    Jennifer Cole 


  203. CW

    Crystal W

    Great resource for the beginning of the school year and growth mindset.

  204. A


    Was helpful and easy for distance learning.

  205. AE

    Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    This is my favorite picture book to read to my class, and these activities go along with it perfectly. Summer school kids loved doing them!

  206. CH

    Charisse H

    With distance learning and helping the students navigate with technology, this was a great resource to show them that it is alright to make mistakes.

  207. GT

    Gigi’s Teaching Tools 

    The kids did really well with this activity.

  208. SC

    Shelby C

    This was great to use at the beginning of the year during reading.

  209. S


    Thank you!

  210. JL

    Jill L

    This resource was easy to use during distance learning with my students. It was a great resource to use during my live teaching session that I could share with my students, as well as, giving them independent work for them to complete online.

  211. PL

    paige L

    Thank you

  212. MH

    Melissa Hettenbach 

    This was very helpful. Thank you!

  213. ID

    Irene D

    Great resource for lessons on perseverance.

  214. AB

    Amanda B

    Great resource – thank you!

  215. CM

    Codi M

    Love this!

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    Tactful Teaching 

    Awesome resource!

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    Jessica K

    This was perfect for back of school. Wonderful resource!

  218. AE

    Amber Elkins 

    My favorite back to school book! Such an easy resource to use with the book!!

  219. DM

    Darlene M

    This was a great resource to help start off the year with a Growth Mindset. Thank you so much!

  220. KM

    Kimberlie Moore 

    These are perfect for my students! Thank you!

  221. ES

    Ellen S

    Great beginning of the year read aloud/activities.

  222. BB

    Books Babbles and Bows 

    Easy to use! Love this!

  223. JS

    Jackie Sanchez 

    Used as a whole group for goal setting for our second quarter.

  224. AJ

    Andrew J J C

    My kids thought it was really cool that we talked about it being “okay” to make mistakes. Lots of laughs!

  225. GQ


    Great resource for virtual learning. Thank you!

  226. TC

    Tina C

    This is a great resource. Thank you.

  227. MA

    Michele A

    This was a great resource for my lesson on Self-Esteem this month!

  228. KK

    kate K

    Great to use for a Growth Mindset Unit.

  229. PA

    Piedmont Academy 

    Great activities to accompany a read-aloud discussion, this lasted several days.

  230. JM

    Jodi Maran 

    Really useful resource for distance learning. Super easy to adapt and assign.

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    Swan Lake 

    Great book! Great resource!

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    Easy to pick and choose from – whole. class

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    Richelle R

    Great activities to support this book.

  235. MM

    melinda mahoney 

    This file worked great with my social kids

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    Jenna B

    Great resource!

  237. AN

    Alicia N

    Loved the activities, discussion questions and quotes!

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    Jessica F

    Great resource for the book! Engaging activities. Thank you!

  243. AK

    Anna Kay Burks 

    Love during this resource to help emphasize the importance of it being ok to make mistakes.

  244. CG

    Christine G

    I loved using this resource with my kids!

  245. LA

    Linda A

    This resource went along extremely well with the story. My students were completely engaged and enjoyed this!

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    Jean S

    Great resource to use with students!

  247. LC

    Learning Cove 

    Great resource! Thank you!!

  248. KZ

    Kristen Z

    I love this resource and look forward to using it each year with my students. I love the lesson the book is teaching and these activities that go with it make it even better.

  249. TC

    The Colony Classroom  

    I always use this book at the beginning of the school year. This resources is awesome! Thanks!

  250. LA

    Lisa A

    My students loved this ! Thanks

  251. NL

    Nguyening Life as Mom Teacher and Wife 

    My students enjoyed the activities

  252. MS

    michelle S

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  253. TL

    This Little Piggy Loves to Read  

    Great resource

  254. LA

    Lindsay A


  255. TE

    Tiffany E

    A great resource to start off the school year!

  256. ES

    Emily S

    This is a great resource to use at the beginning of the year. I always read the book and use this resource with my intervention students.

  257. KH

    Kaitlyn H

    Love it!

  258. BN

    Beth N

    love this to teach growth mindset

  259. SK

    Sarah K

    Great practice for my special education kiddos!!

  260. HA

    Hannah Alexander 

    This has been great for social learning with my students. Thanks!

  261. FF

    Foust’s Fifths 

    This is perfect. Exactly what I was looking for!

  262. GS

    Grace S

    Love this! Thank you!!

  263. JM

    Jessica M

    Valuable lessons!

  264. AP

    Annette P

    Love this!

  265. AW

    Alexis W

    This was a perfect pairing to the read aloud I did with my students!

  266. TM

    Tiffany M

    This was a great resource to go along with the book. I used it this week with my 4th graders.

  267. TN

    Tiffany N

    This was perfect with my growth mindset lessons to start off the school year!

  268. LE

    Lyndsay Eldridge 

    Great resource!

  269. RV

    Rebecca V


  270. MP

    Meredith P

    Students love the activities

  271. PE

    Patricia E

    Wonderful resource for growth mindset.

  272. SB

    Stephanie B

    Great resource that is easy to use. Students enjoyed it!

  273. EK

    Erin K

    This was a great activity to do at the beginning of the year.

  274. MM

    Makenzie Mentzer 

    Love this book and activity

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