Puns About Love

As heart decorations are filling stores and candy designs, students know that the season of love is approaching! While older students are finding a valentine, younger students are enjoying all of the red and pink designs. Since they are still too young to truly date, the holiday can be more about building friendly relationships.  One of the best ways to do this is to laugh with others! When laughter occurs, people feel comfortable around each other. Therefore, this means that students feel they can be themselves around their class. Additionally, it means that the teacher has taken the time to get to know his/her students and can now joke around. However, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed about finding time to be silly. There is truly so much to get through in the course of a year, so every minute counts. Thankfully, teaching puns about love in the classroom is the perfect way to incorporate laughter into lessons! 


What are Puns?

When teaching puns, it can be helpful to describe them as a joke using selective words. This type of figurative language can be very funny! Puns are often funny because they have words that sound similar but have different meanings. Since puns make a creative joke, they can be really confusing for students to understand. However, age-appropriate puns are a great way to help students see how fun the English language can be. 

Puns about Love

In order to help students understand this tough material, it can be helpful to bring in the season of love! Since February is the month of Valentine’s Day, it can be beneficial to relate sentences to the holiday. 

Pun Examples about Baking for a Loved One

Oftentimes, students will be able to make a personal connection to baking. For instance, students may remember baking a special treat for a grandma or grandpa. Or, they may remember baking for a special birthday treat. Therefore, students can work to understand puns by being able to connect with something personal. 

  • I am a baker because I knead the dough.
      • While dough may mean money, it also means a mixture to form a bakery item. 
  • What would a cat order in a Mexican restaurant? A purr-rito.
      • While students may enjoy a yummy burrito, a cat gets to enjoy a purr-ito! This example brings in great imagery for what noise cats make when they are happy. 
  • What kind of cake do ghosts like? Eye-scream cake!
    • Hopefully students have enjoyed a delicious ice-cream cake at a party before! However, a ghost version is an eye-scream cake! 

Pun About Love of Animals

Many students will enjoy creating fun puns about love of their pets or favorite animal.

  • How do turtles talk to each other? By using shell phones!
    • The shell on a turtle is so important. However, this example shows how it serves many purposes. Here, it is also a phone! 
  • Why are teddy bears never hungry? They are always stuffed!
    • At night, many students may cuddle with a cute stuffed animal. Now, students will think of how the stuffing in animals relates to feeling full after a delicious meal! 
  • Why did the spider go to the computer? To check his web-site.
    • While students use the computer to search, spiders use it to build its web.


Pun Examples about Nature

  • Is the forest beautiful? It’s unbe-leaf-able.
    • Oftentimes, students will tell a classmate or even a teacher that he/she looks pretty. Now, they will visualize the beautiful leaves in a forest. 
  • What did the tree wear to the pool? Swimming trunks.
    • Students may love to share their favorite bathing suit. For some, it may be ones covered with princesses. For others, it may be ones covered in sharks. Here, the tree remembered to cover its trunk! 
  • How does the ocean say goodbye? It waves.
    • While getting off the bus or out of the car, students often wave goodbye. Additionally, they often wave goodbye to the teacher and friends at the end of the day. Hence, they will be able to understand the importance of saying goodbye when leaving. Here, students will visualize the ocean waves as a way of communicating. 

Puns about School

  • Of course I ate my homework! The teacher said it’s a piece of cake.
    • Oftentimes, students love cake! However, in this example the phrase piece of cake actually means something is really easy. Thus, they will find a new phrase to use to describe something that requires little effort. 
  • Who is the boss of the classroom? The ruler.
    • Here, math and language arts unite! They will see how one word can be a math item or the leader of a country!
  • Where did the ice cream man go to school? Sundae school.
    • Hopefully, students will be able to recall a sundae they loved! However, in this example the ice cream has “Sundae” school! 


Extra Pun Practice

Whether students need extra practice to develop a stronger understanding or like to practice for fun, there are resources ready! For instance, there are Pun Task Cards and Activities and Pun Boom Cards. Both are filled with fun examples. Additionally, they help students understand how words can have multiple meanings. Furthermore, they allow students extra practice at learning how to create their own puns! Truly, students will be thinking deep while learning all about puns. If you need to know more about Boom Cards click here!


Many times, schools have fun Valentine’s Day activities in order for students to celebrate. By doing this, students are able to show kindness towards each other. Thus, learning about puns during this time allows the content to be embedded with the holiday season. Truly, students will LOVE creating their own puns after learning what they are. It will be a joy listening to students giggle with each other while sharing puns about love. 

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