Context Clues Task Cards and Anchor Charts Activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade


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These task card activities were created for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade and require students to use context clues to make meaning and identify the words or phrases that helped them understand the meaning of an unknown word.

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Context Clues Activities Task Cards and Anchor Charts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:

These task card activities were created for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade and require students to use context clues to make meaning and identify the words or phrases that helped them understand the meaning of an unknown word.

This product includes the following:

  • anchor charts that will help students identify clues in text
  • 34 task cards on half sheets
  • answer sheet
  • answer key

These task cards can be used in stations, small groups, centers, or for early finishers. It also includes the answer sheets as well as the answer keys.

The following vocabulary words are used in this product:

exhilarated, flourish, conceal, variety, precisely, eerie, deceitful, antiquated, preserved, decrepit, clenched, improbable, glistened, mimicked, obvious, fragile, commenced, remarkable, withstand, exposed, installed, declared, anxious, gloated, pact, pathetic, suspicious, reluctant, participate, surge, lurk, stunned, glared, trudged

This file now includes a digital distance learning option in Google! You will find an option for Google Slides™ as well as Google Forms™ (these are NOT self-grading, though, because they are open-ended questions.  Please refer to the final 7 pages of the product file for links and instructions.

If you teach in a multi-level classroom, have students with a very wide range of needs, or are meeting the needs of students with varying language abilities or students acquiring English, the MULTI-LEVEL MEGA BUNDLE for might be right for you. You can check it out here:

Searching for context clues activities geared for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade (please note that there is a bundle for 2nd-4th grade):

The following context clues products have been created for 3rd-5th grade (please note that there is a bundle for 3rd-5th grade):

The following context clues products have been created for 4th-6th grade (please note that there is a bundle for 4th-6th grade):

This product contains 35 PDF pages + Google Slides.

301 reviews for Context Clues Task Cards and Anchor Charts Activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Based on 301 reviews
  1. LD

    Linda D

    I used the cards with my students already, and they loved them. Thank you!

  2. RG

    Rachel G

    What a time saver! Thanks

  3. TH

    Tiffany H

    can’t wait to use this

  4. LS

    Linda S

    Looking for center material and this will be a good one.

  5. DF

    Donna F

    My students love these cards

  6. LR

    Lindsey R

    These were great! Thank you.

  7. AK

    Amy K

    Thank you for your hard work. I was looking to do this on my own, so you have saved this computer illiterate person a lot of time!

  8. MG

    Monica G

    I use these task cards all the time with my students. They are great for additional practice!

  9. LG

    Lauren G

    thanks. great tool !

  10. DR

    Diana R

    Great resource for my struggling learners!

  11. LD

    Lori Dillard 

    A great tool!

  12. AL

    Allison L

    Great tool!

  13. DP

    Darrah P

    Going right into my literacy workshop

  14. SL

    Samantha L

    These were just what my kids needed.

  15. MR

    Melanie R

    I was able to use this in stations and it has worked so well. I had taught this lesson earlier this year and this has been a great (and cute) way to spiral the lesson through stations! Thank you!

  16. HS

    Heather S

    Love these task cards

  17. SN

    Sandra N

    This a great resource.

  18. T1

    The 11th Hour  

    These were great as a review for our assessment!

  19. ES

    Esther S

    My students enjoyed these cards. Thanks for being so creative!

  20. DS

    Debra S

    Thanks so much! My kiddos AWALYS need work on this skill 🙂

  21. PN

    Paula Nowlin 

    I used it with a small group and it was a great product!

  22. EE

    Enthusiastically ESOL 

    This is great for building vocabulary with my ELLs. A great product!

  23. AD

    Andrea D

    Very Helpful!

  24. TR

    Taryn R

    Awesome word list. The kids love guessing the meanings.

  25. AA

    Amanda Alexander 

    Great to use in groups

  26. JS

    Julie S

    This was a good activity and the kids enjoyed it. Thanks

  27. JS

    Julie S

    This was a good activity and the kids enjoyed it. Thanks

  28. FM

    Fabiana M

    Super cute and excited to use in my class!

  29. JH

    Julia H

    So perfect to practice!

  30. KF

    Kassidy F

    Thank you!!! Wonderful item!!!

  31. AJ

    Amanda J

    Wonderful task cards for an independent center! Thanks for sharing!

  32. 4T

    4 The Love of 5th Grade 

    These were great! I used them for a Scoot Activity! 🙂

  33. JF

    Jennifer F

    Another great product! Thanks!

  34. SA

    Southern and Sassy in 2nd Grade

    This made for a great center!

  35. ES

    Emily S

    This was a great review activity for my class. Thanks!

  36. LA

    Lisa A

    My class really enjoyed these!

  37. LR

    Lauren Rogers 

    love this .. I have really been trying to teach my student to use context clues this was a great activity!

  38. SR

    Steven Renner 

    Great for flashback practices.

  39. EG

    Erin G

    Thank you for this great resource!

  40. MW

    Monica W


  41. KM

    Keely McGreevy 

    Thanks! This was great to use in small group!

  42. TW

    Tamara W

    This is a great review to use during rotations for my context clues unit

  43. SB

    Sarah B

    LOVED this product. We used these task cards to play scoot and compared answers as a whole-group discussion afterwards.

  44. PH

    Pamela H

    Great product — used this in centers after teaching context clues (I do it, we do it, you do it lesson planning).

  45. BS

    Brande S

    Super product

  46. TW

    Terra W

    Great product! Thank you!

  47. DL

    Debbie L

    These were great for center review and a game of SCOOT. Thank you!

  48. LE

    Lori E

    Great resource for small group rotations…and cute! Thanks!

  49. IP

    Ivette Portela 

    GREAT! Thank you!

  50. PW

    Paul W

    Super Resource!

  51. KB

    Kelcee Bratcher 

    LOVE THIS!!!

  52. FW

    Fun with Friends in Fifth 

    Great! Thanks!

  53. JP

    Jaclyne P

    Just what my kids needed!

  54. TN

    Teresa N

    Excellent resource. Thanks!

  55. HD

    Hayley D

    Scholars loved completing this as an ELA center. All students were engaged and stayed on-task.

  56. MS

    Michelle S

    Great for my 3rd graders!

  57. CT

    Caitlin T

    Used this for test prep! Was a nice way for students to apply skills in a “fun” way. Also great as a means of differentiation.

  58. BI

    Blooming in Reading 

    great to use in small group

  59. WV

    West Valley Teacher 

    This a great resource on a hard to teach topic

  60. JA

    Janet Armenteros 

    Very helpful

  61. BL

    Brenda L

    Perfect for reinforcement and a great Center activity!!

  62. LJ

    Linda James 

    great for classroom!

  63. RM

    Rachel M


  64. RS

    Rachel S

    Students enjoy this activity! Thank you 🙂

  65. LM

    Lynna M

    A great product. I loved it and the kids loved it!

  66. JB

    Jeannette B

    Great to use with a small group!

  67. PH

    Pamela H

    Good resource!

  68. JD

    Jeana D


  69. SS

    Sonja S

    The kids loved playing Scoot with these! Thanks!

  70. SB

    Stacie Bell 

    Awesome resource!!

  71. AJ

    Ashley Jackson 


  72. TG

    The Gilbert Garden 

    Love the use of this for workshop.

  73. KP

    Kristen P

    Great! Thanks!

  74. DE

    Dawn E

    Great practice!

  75. TR

    Tori Rice 

    Great way to learn vocab!

  76. TW

    Taylor W

    I bought this in addition to your context clues passages and they were an excellent resource. My students enjoyed them as well! Thank you

  77. DA

    Donna A

    Excellent reinforcement activity

  78. KC

    Kristi C

    Great resource for this standard!

  79. FC

    frances C

    Very useful

  80. FC

    frances C

    Very useful

  81. KC

    Kimberly Clay 

    Excellent practice!

  82. AR

    Amy R

    Great activity!

  83. BT

    Bertha T

    Ideal for centers or competition in the classroom. Students enjoy using this instead of boring worksheets

  84. BT

    Bertha T

    Ideal for centers or competition in the classroom. Students enjoy using this instead of boring worksheets

  85. RC

    Rajonia C

    Great review!

  86. NA

    Nilda Allen 

    Great word choices! This really made my small group think!

  87. LA

    Laura A W

    I used this resource in RTI reading class. I bought two sets, very comprehensive, thank you!

  88. JB

    Jennifer B

    Very challenging! Just what I needed for my class!

  89. AB

    Allyson Bakken 

    Great for teaching this topic!

  90. RD

    Robyn D

    So helpful for third graders!

  91. LT

    Lena T

    love task cards like this! Tons of ways to use them.

  92. GL

    Gwen L

    A great resource for a difficult concept for my struggling readers. Thank you!

  93. PM

    pam M

    I love your task cards!

  94. PJ

    Patty J B

    Perfect! Thanks!

  95. B


    Awesome resource!

  96. F



  97. KS

    Kayla S

    Great test prep!

  98. MA

    Mychelle A

    Great product! Thank you!

  99. RA

    Rachel A

    Grateful for a resource to use with a variety of readers to work on Context Clues!

  100. KB

    Karen B

    These cards are perfect for centers or SCOOT. Great practice for the students!

  101. KL

    Kimberly L

    Such a hard concept for some students. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  102. TK

    Tammy K

    Passages for 3rd – 5th altogether!

  103. SS

    Shuandrekia S

    Two Thumbs Up

  104. JR

    Jennifer R

    Great for literacy center

  105. BW

    becky W

    So helpful! Thanks!!

  106. JC

    Jessica C

    Perfect for small group!

  107. LW

    Learning with BIG MOMMA 


  108. F



  109. GN

    Gold Nest Creations 

    Love these! Challenging and great for my higher-level students!

  110. MA

    Mary Ann G


  111. EN

    Every New Beginning Blog Loves2Teach 

    Thanks so much!

  112. MM

    Magical Muggle Learners 

    Awesome resource to use with my below level kiddos and my ELLs in small group! Thank you!

  113. ML

    melanie loverde 

    I love your task cards! Thank you!

  114. LW

    Laura W

    Thanks! Great for Anchor Stations!

  115. KJ

    Kelly J

    These are great!

  116. BT

    Bianca T

    Great resource to use in centers.

  117. HS

    Helen S


  118. ST

    Stephanie T

    Great resource for station work!

  119. HG

    Holly G

    These task cards proved to be effective when used during NBI center time.

  120. EL

    ELA Lady 

    A great resource with easy to follow layout.

  121. PS


    Great addition to my lesson.

  122. AJ

    Andrea J

    great resource that i will use year after year! thanks!

  123. AR

    Ana R

    Great way to practice context clues!

  124. BF

    Benji F

    Loved the anchor charts, thanks!

  125. MG

    Maria G

    A big help last year with my kiddos. Thank you!

  126. JJ

    Julie J

    Great resource, thanks!

  127. SM

    Sara M

    These task cards were great for my high students!

  128. SS

    Snazzy Science 

    I love the half-page size on these. Great resource. Used in 3rd grade class and there were enough options for guided and independent practice.

  129. SS

    Sherri S

    Great product!

  130. JW

    Justin Warren 

    Great resource!!

  131. B


    Great resource to practice finding the meaning of unknown words! Thanks!

  132. AM

    Alison M

    This was absolutely perfect! Thanks!

  133. PM

    Practice Made Purposeful 

    Great resource for a sometimes difficult skill!

  134. BW

    Brittany Williams 

    Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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    Carla Beaty 

    Love this!

  136. RK

    Rebecca K

    Thank you for such a wonderful, EFFECTIVE resource!

  137. SM

    Sidney M

    Thanks, great resource. Kids enjoy these.

  138. JW

    Jonna W

    A good resource for ELL learners or vocab enrichment

  139. CC

    Cassandra Cunningham 

    I love these task cards!

  140. TI

    Thankful in Third Grade 

    These were great for review with context clues!

  141. TI

    Thankful in Third Grade 

    These were great for review with context clues!

  142. MG

    Michelle Goodner 

    can’t wait to use this!

  143. SS

    Stacey S


  144. CA

    Chris A 

    Thank you so much for providing this resource. My students have really enjoyed it!

  145. TL

    The Literacy Life  

    Great for practice!

  146. SW

    Stephanie W

    This worked perfect for my small group instruction!!

  147. KC

    Keneal C

    Students loved the task cards!

  148. AW


    Great for my class!

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    Peaceful Easy Teaching 

    Thanks for this great review.

  150. SF

    Squeeze for Thoughts 

    Great for Centers!

  151. AM

    Alison M J

    A great context clues resource!

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    Angela Cartwright 

    Wonderful resource to use with my 5th graders!

  153. LA

    Lollipops and Shamrocks 

    Great resource!

  154. AB

    Amy B

    Great repetitive practice.

  155. VS

    Vivian S

    Thank you. Great resource!

  156. VS

    Vivian S

    Thank you. Great resource!

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    Amanda W

    My students enjoyed this activity!

  158. KC

    Katherine C


  159. TF

    Tabitha F


  160. KM

    Kathlyn M

    I laminated these and put these in my task card tower! Easy peasy!

  161. LM

    Lauri M

    great resource

  162. QS

    Quaneisha Smith 


  163. MR

    Melanie Rodriguez 

    Great for RTI use, as well! Thank you!

  164. MR

    Melanie Rodriguez 

    Great for RTI use, as well! Thank you!

  165. CM

    Colleen M

    Vocabulary and context clues is a concept that students struggle with each year it seems. Thank you for sharing the practice for my students.

  166. AL

    Ashley L

    Great way to review at the end of the year. Thanks

  167. HW

    Heather W

    Thank you for sharing

  168. PN

    Polly N

    Great resource for stations!

  169. CF

    Champion for Every Child 

    These fit perfectly in my task card boxes! My kids loved the activities too

  170. CM

    Candice M

    These are great! I one using them in my centers for word work. Understanding context clues is such an important skill when teaching students vocabulary.

  171. CM

    Candice M

    These are great! I one using them in my centers for word work. Understanding context clues is such an important skill when teaching students vocabulary.

  172. AP

    Allison Pearce 

    Great Gallery Walk!

  173. JV

    Jennifer V

    Love using task cards as a scoot activity. My students definitely need extra practice with this. Thank you!

  174. SL

    Shawna L

    I needed something a little extra, and this was perfect!

  175. JF

    Jennifer F


  176. AE

    Angela E

    Great resource! Perfect for my small group instruction! Thanks so much!

  177. KA

    Kayla Asjes 

    Love this context clues task cards set! A more fun way to practice and teach context clues!

  178. KC

    Kelsea C

    This was a fun activity!

  179. SS

    Sea Sun and Lesson Plans 

    They earned points for each task card that was right. The student with the most points was the winner. Kept them highly motivated to use the context to figure out the definition!

  180. IR

    Isabella R

    Loved it

  181. LD

    Laura D

    Great resource thanks!!

  182. JY

    Jenni Yingling 

    The task cards are wonderful!! The kids loved them!!

  183. RM

    Regina M

    Love to use to reinforce context clues.

  184. AP

    Ashley Patrick 

    Love this!!

  185. DG

    Danielle Ganze 

    Excellent resource!

  186. HE

    Helena E

    Thumbs up thank you

  187. GC

    Gabriela C

    I used these task cards with my 3rd graders. It was a great resource to use for center work and even as task card when students completed their work early.

  188. FT

    From The Coffers 

    This was very helpful in the classroom while practicing these skills.

  189. TF

    The Froggy Factory 

    This is a great resource. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  190. EK

    Eubene K

    I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the students were able to use the context clues to figure out the meaning of the vocabulary

  191. TT

    Tara T

    This worked well as a review during reading rotations.

  192. MS

    Maria S

    Will be using in breakout rooms. Fun!’

  193. DE

    Diane E

    I found these very useful!

  194. LH

    Lindsee H

    This was a great resource to use with students virtually. They were able to read it and determine the meaning of the word. It was super fun for them too!

  195. JC

    Jeanine C

    Thank you

  196. KP

    Kim P


  197. MC

    Melissa C

    Thank you for this resource! 🙂

  198. JF

    Jessica F

    My students loved this! Thanks!

  199. TG

    Tiffany G

    These task cards were great for learning about context clues. thank you.

  200. CS

    Cori S

    Great information that was easy to understand. My remote students were very much into this activity!

  201. CM

    Chelsie M

    Perfect for teaching context clues!

  202. MD

    Michelle D

    Because my special education students have very poor vocabularies, this is a resource that is very helpful to teach context clues.

  203. IV

    I Veronica A

    Great resource! Very helpful for teaching the standard.

  204. MK

    Miss Ks Little Rays 

    This resource was a great addition to our context clue unit!

  205. KK

    Kristin K

    This is great for my special education small group students.

  206. LB

    laurel B

    Excellent task cards. These can be used in many ways: whole group, small group, walkabout, etc.

  207. ML

    Moriah L

    My students enjoyed these and it was easy to use in distance learning.

  208. JH

    Joanna H

    This is great for distance learning!

  209. MW

    Melissa W

    A great resource to use to cover context clues.

  210. SM

    Shelby M

    I loved hanging this up around the room!

  211. TK

    The Kinder Club 

    Very engaging!

  212. L


    I have used these again and again and again!

  213. LM

    Liz Martinez 

    This is a great resource.

  214. SD

    Shelley D

    This was very helpful for my kids who are struggling with using context clues. I like the vocabulary used on the cards.

  215. AB

    Ali B

    These task cards importantly are 1: aligned to the common core standards, 2: visually engaging and easily read, 3: diverse and can be used with any game in the classroom. They are great for review and can be easily used in conjunction with a fun game like janga or any board game in a center rotation! Great resource and reasonably priced. Thank you <3

  216. AA

    Apples And Books 

    This is a quality resource.

  217. MF

    Michelle F

    This was very useful during distance learning. I was glad to have it.

  218. TF

    Tara F

    Great resource to review with students!

  219. LO

    Lisa O

    This was a great resource for teaching context clues. My students enjoyed a change in our typical classroom activities and really worked hard on it.

  220. MJ

    Michelle J

    Good to put on the smartboard.

  221. JV

    Julie V

    I love task cards and using context clues is something 3rd graders need practice with.

  222. R


    Great for reading rotations!

  223. HL

    H L

    Challenging for grade three students. Will try it later in the year.

  224. JP

    Joanna P

    This will tie into our reading program. I am so excited to use this with my class.

  225. DB

    Debbie B

    Loved this!

  226. AL

    Angela L

    Great practice, especially before state testing.

  227. SS

    Sims Safari 

    Great review! Thank you!

  228. TL

    Terri L

    This was a great resource to supplement our learning. Thanks.

  229. EL

    Emilee L

    Thank you so much for creating this! It worked really well for what I was doing.

  230. RR

    Rachel Ruane 

    great resource

  231. EY

    Empower Your Students 

    Great resource.

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    Kalianne R

    These were an engaging way for students to practice using context clues!

  233. F


    My students really loved this! Kept them engaged!

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    Such a great tool to use when teaching inferencing.

  235. DL

    Donna Lynn C

    .good resource

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    Kathleen Karnes 

    Thank you!

  237. HK

    Heather K

    Excellent resource!

  238. LM

    Lana M

    This is so helpful! Thank you for this resource!

  239. EK

    Emma K

    This was a great resource for students to identify unknown words when reading.

  240. MB

    Michelle Brooks 

    Perfect resource to teach context clues!!

  241. MA

    Madi Adkins 


  242. CB

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    Great resource to use with my tutoring students. Thank so much!

  243. KW

    Kristin W

    Great resource to use with students!

  244. KS

    Kari S

    LOVED these task cards to engage my students when learning context clues.

  245. SR

    StephR R

    Fun way to work on context clues!

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    A useful literacy group inclusion – thank you.

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    Fun and engaging resource!

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    Gaered to Teach 

    Was a great resource to use with my students!

  249. AE

    Ashley’s Edventures 

    This is a great resource. I use it as a daily warm up because our students are struggling with this standard. I loved that it included a lot of unique vocabulary that they would not already know the answers to. I would love for it to have had choices for answers for but I knew it didn’t, just giving an idea! 🙂

  250. AE

    Anne E

    Great resource.

  251. SW

    Staci Walton 

    My Juniors enjoyed this assignment.

  252. LB

    Lisa B

    Fantastic Resource!

  253. TC

    The Collaborative Class 

    I love all your stuff! This was great to use for my small group instruction. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort! 🙂

  254. W


    I am so glad I purchased this resource. It has made a difference for me and my students this year – huge fans!

  255. SE

    S Ellen F

    Thank you very much, my students found this resource very helpful! Sylvia

  256. JB

    Julie B

    My students loved it!

  257. MA

    Mary Ann K

    Great for small group work! Thanks!

  258. KJ

    kimberly J

    I used this resource in an ELA station. It worked great and made the students think!

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    Great resource, thank you!

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    This is a great resource

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    Thank you!

  263. JC

    Janelle C

    Some of my students needed extra practice with context clues and this was a great resource to give them the extra practice.

  264. ML

    Marissa L

    I used this as a walk about for review and small group!

  265. HC

    Holly C

    Great practice for context clues!

  266. DV

    darla V

    Great resource for teaching context clues. Enjoyed the anchor chart that was included.

  267. CN

    Carrie N

    Great resource to support my students in their learning.

  268. SW

    Stefanie Williamson 

    Great resource for reviewing before an assessment.

  269. LL

    Lauren L

    Excellent! Love the anchor charts with examples and key words. The task cards were great and easy to use.

  270. KS

    Kayli S

    Amazing resource. Thank you!

  271. PG

    Pam G

    I appreciated having these resources to teach my curriculum.

  272. KS

    Kelly S

    Great Resource! THANK YOU!

  273. EH

    Emily H

    My students loved this activity!

  274. YI

    YoYo in 5th 

    Excellent for online learning!

  275. AC

    Angela C

    These are great for practice. The anchor charts are easy to print and place in student notebooks for reference.

  276. RC

    Rachel C

    Great resource! Kids found it very engaging!

  277. MC

    Missy C

    Great resource!

  278. SM

    Sam M

    Students loved it.

  279. EI

    Emma in Elementary 

    I loved this!

  280. JL

    jennifer L

    Great resource!

  281. CM

    Cindi M

    Good resource.

  282. DA

    Deborah A

    Context clues are so important to teach and learn because it helps students think critically as they read. This is a great resource because it has anchor charts as well as task cards that can be used a number of ways.

  283. AK

    Ashley K

    These were a great challenge for my fifth graders. Students had to stop and think for most of these words that were difficult for them to define.

  284. CL

    Chelsea L

    These worked great to help reinforce my student’s using context clues

  285. SB

    S Boylan 

    This resource was very helpful!

  286. MG


    Such an amazing resource!

  287. JG

    Jamie G

    Perfect for centers

  288. FF

    Flipping for Fifth 

    Great to use with centers or Scoot! I appreciate the anchor chart too!

  289. JE

    Joy E

    This is a great resource!

  290. LR

    Lindsey R

    great stuff

  291. SD

    Sherri D

    Kids really enjoyed this lesson. Thank you!

  292. JG

    Julie G

    Great resource. Thanks!

  293. PC

    Paula C

    Great product! Thanks!

  294. JB

    Jackie B

    Thank you! My students were very engaged with this helpful product.

  295. KC

    K’s Creation 

    A great resource, thanks!

  296. DC



  297. DJ

    Dara Jeffries 

    This was a great resource! My kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

  298. MP

    Marie-Caroline P

    This is a great activity to introduce my ESL students to the concept of context clues.

  299. JB

    Jami B

    Great resource for context clues! The activities were very engaging with my students.

  300. C


    This was just what I was looking for! My kids loved this!

  301. 9P

    99 Problems and Math’s Not One 

    These were wonderful for review. I placed them around the room as a scoot and they were great!

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