Greek and Latin Roots Lists, Quizzes, and Assessments BUNDLE


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This is the perfect resource for teachers looking to help their students learn common Greek and Latin roots. Each unit includes weekly lists, mid-week quizzes, and end-of-week tests that progressively build on previous weeks’ learning.

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Pages: 120 PDF pages + Google Slides

Greek and Latin Root Word Lists, Quizzes, and Assessment


Latin and Greek Roots Word Activities: Lists, Quizzes, and Assessments

Products included in this bundle:


Greek and Latin Root Word Lists, Quizzes, and Assessment


Latin and Greek Roots Word Activities: Lists, Quizzes, and Assessments


Latin and Greek Stems and Roots Weekly Lists Unit One and Two BUNDLE with Digital Distance Learning Option:

This Digital Distance Learning Latin and Greek roots and stems UNIT ONE AND UNIT TWO BUNDLE is perfect for teachers who want their students to learn common Greek and Latin roots. Each unit includes:

  • weekly lists (10 words on each list for eight weeks)
  • a mid-week matching quiz
  • an end-of-week test (which is progressive and includes stems from prior weeks)

NOTE: The test at the end of each week includes 20 roots (except the first week only has ten because there isn’t an established pool to pull additional parts yet). For the ninth week, there is a final test with all 80 roots.

Since each week builds on the previous week, the retention of information remains high. As an added activity, my students keep a ring with flashcards on them in their desks/backpacks and will add ten new stems each week so that they can study ALL the stems each week, not just the new ones for that week.

Please take a look at the individual files here:

Why should students learn to use Latin and Greek stems and roots?

  • It is part of the curriculum for vocabulary
  • Latin makes unknown English words more accessible
  • Children who have studied Latin score higher on standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, M-CAT
  • It gives children a set of terms to help them unlock unknown words by using word parts
  • Studying common Latin stems helps children with math and science vocabulary


These products include a digital option in Google Slides™ (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of each packet.

This PDF file contains 120 pages + Google Slides™.

149 reviews for Greek and Latin Roots Lists, Quizzes, and Assessments BUNDLE

Based on 149 reviews
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  1. Saving The Best For First 

    I’m very excited to use this next semester!

  2. Ragin W

    Thank you!!!

  3. Terry P

    I can’t wait to use this in the upcoming semester!

  4. 4th Grade Fanatic 

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Sandy W

    Exactly what I was looking for! I love the layout of these and the fact that you included a review quiz. Thank you!

  6. Michelle Nichols 


  7. Rebecca R

    I’m using this as an enrichment resource for my students who are fast and eager learners. They are excited! Thank you.

  8. Paige Beasley 

    Great resource!!

  9. Jennifer L

    Great resource! Thank you!

  10. Ginger Frierson 

    My kiddos are struggling to learn root words and meanings. I look forward to using this resource to help them (and me)!

  11. Molly R

    Very helpful

  12. Diana S

    found this just at the right time, thank you so much

  13. Kaitlyn C

    Good for extra test prep!

  14. Deborah W


  15. LAURA W

    This is really fantastic. We have used it for 13 weeks now and it is such a perfect fit and routine. I am glad I made the purchase!

  16. Suzanne Futrell 

    Just what I needed!

  17. Nicole K

    Great product for extra CCSS practice…

  18. Wendi Stringfellow 

    This resource really helped to enhance my vocabulary lessons. We are finding stems and roots everywhere! Nicely done!

  19. Ella R

    Excellent, thorough, easy-to-use resource! Can’t wait to use it next year!

  20. Diane B

    Haven’t used this yet, as I purchased it for summer school and it wasn’t what I was looking for. However, it will come in handy during the regular school year to supplement my district’s mandated lists.

  21. chaos6 

    one of my best purchases yet

  22. Jara C


  23. Lindsay Living Life 

    These are perfect! Such a great tool.

  24. Ruth L

    Organized and easy to use!

  25. Kristin L

    Great for middle schoolers who needs help with basic root word, suffix, prefix skills!

  26. Kim S


  27. Andrea F

    This bundle is perfect for my classroom, Thank you!

  28. BAKITA K

    Great Product

  29. Jennifer R

    Excited to use with my 4th graders.

  30. Marian Hill 

    Love! Love! Love this vocabulary building bundle.

  31. Karen K

    This is a helpful resource to use in teach vocabulary words to ESL students,

  32. Joni D

    I am really looking forward to improve vocabulary with this!

  33. Ellan D

    Just what I was looking for!

  34. Third Grade Sensei 

    I have been looking for something like this to add to my curriculum for the 2nd semester! This is perfect. I love the suggestions for how to help the kids learn these and I love that they build on each week so that at the end, the kids are being tested on all the stems/roots learned! What a great idea!

  35. Debbie B

    This is great! Thank you very much!

  36. Tonya H

    Beautifully done. I look forward to using these with my more advanced EFL students in Taiwan.

  37. Anna N

    Great for format for pre and post testing.

  38. Rita N

    A necessity!! Great and thorough resource!! Thank you!

  39. John O

    This is very helpful. The cards will fit in with the Latin and Greek work that I had already. The individual cards will be much more appealing to my students.

  40. Renee A

    One of the best resources to teach the common core standards.

  41. Monda D

    Awesome resource!

  42. Dawn P

    Got my students totally involved with these.

  43. Wild West Humanities 

    Best thing I’ve purchased. The quizzes are amazing.

  44. Amanda N

    Really helping with some of my struggling learners

  45. Hilary WIlson 

    Very Nice!

  46. Dava Leigh B

    I bought this in anticipation of a change coming and, in looking over it, I’m pretty sure this will be a valuable tool in the box.

  47. Teaching Little Flowers 

    I love these! Such a quality resource.

  48. Amy T

    Great resource and organization for important vocabulary work.

  49. PK Bilingual Lightning Bug 

    Great resource!!!

  50. Jerri D

    Great resource and wonderfully done

  51. Cynthia M


  52. Katey L

    Very well done.

  53. Silvia Lombardini 

    somewhat easy for Italian students (lol) but still quite useful

  54. Simply 4th 

    Love this bundle! I would love some activities to go with these stem sets though! Activities that I could make into a station for the week. Just an idea for another product. I would definitely buy it!

  55. Hilary Lam 

    makes teaching roots a breeze!

  56. Larissa C


  57. Breeanna J

    Excited to use to try this out for this next school year!

  58. Angela D

    Excellent Resource!

  59. sharon T

    Thank you

  60. TaylorMade Learning 


  61. Margaret W

    Can’t wait to start using this resource! It is so organized and easy to implement. I was trying to put something like this together last year, but am so happy to have purchased this product where all work is done for me! 🙂

  62. Tammy W

    Great product!

  63. Cheryl B

    Very thorough. I needed something like this. Thank you!

  64. Lori S

    I am currently using this resource in grades 8-12, and it is amazing! I love the format for the quizzes and tests, and my students are having fun!

  65. Lynnea R

    Very easy to use with my gifted students, wish there were some practice activities but the lists are great

  66. Laura Browning 

    AMAZING! I use this religiously!

  67. Taylor G

    Would like to see a few more visual options available for a wider range of students to learn these roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Otherwise, fantastic, thorough resource.

  68. DAYLE M

    Have not used this item yet but it fits my needs for the upcoming year.

  69. Laura McCain 

    This was so helpful for my 4th and 5th graders!

  70. Shawnice T

    Great resource

  71. Judith H

    Great resource! Thanks

  72. Heather C

    Such a great resource! Thanks!

  73. Roger B

    I like how each subsequent week’s test reinforces past roots and stems learned. Thank you.

  74. Sarah B

    Awesome product. Thanks!

  75. Angelina G

    Great product! Thank you. =0)

  76. Chris Elliott in 4th 

    Thank you for a wonderful product!

  77. ELA Gone Wild 

    This has made it super easy to teach greek & latin roots and stems! Each week the students get a list. I have a bulletin board where I write these and as we read, any time we come across a word comprised of one of these we take a moment and write it on there. This has been very very helpful in teaching this. I believe whole heartedly in teaching roots/stems as opposed to traditional vocabulary word lists.

  78. Megan B

    Great resource!

  79. Aubrey M

    Very helpful!

  80. at MrsMcSpeechie 

    Great resource

  81. Stephanie D

    Great Resource!


    Thank you for this amazing product! It definitely is a great resource to use with my students!

  83. ELL Yeah 

    Very well done, thank you for creating 🙂

  84. Kristen Gibson 

    This is a great resource! Just what I was looking for!! Thank you!

  85. Notoriously Nerdy in Second 

    My students loved using this product in small groups. It was a great way to challenge students performing above grade level.

  86. Lynn C

    A great resource

  87. Martha Witten 

    My school district is moving away from word sorts and moving toward more word analysis using roots and affixes. I loved the format of this resource and am prepared to use it as our new spelling program next year.

  88. Suzanne S

    Great as a ELA center! Perfect for vocab practice and test prep. 🙂

  89. Alfonso M

    Great distance learning resource. Easy for my students to work through. Grade appropriate materials.

  90. amy M

    This was a great resource for my 4th grade scholars during virtual learning.

  91. Tara Corsner 

    This was a great resource and my students responded very well to it!

  92. Andrea S

    I use these for my kids in my EC Self Contained setting. It works great for them!

  93. Auntie Em’s Classroom 

    Used this the last couple of days in summer school, with Title I kids. It’s amazing how they were able to unpack the meaning of words by using Greek and Latin roots! This resource made it very accessible for them. Easy to use, and the kids loved it.

  94. mrskfirst 

    Great for my Dyslexic students:)

  95. Carol T

    This is an excellent resource for tutoring SAT students, especially those who are not native English speakers. It gives them help figuring out the definitions of words they are unfamiliar with.

  96. Crissy P

    This is a great product!!!

  97. Susan Jackson 

    Excellent resource for teaching my Phonics First Roots!!

  98. Julia D

    They were in desperate need of this bundle

  99. Kym M

    Thank you for a great resource.

  100. Ashley F

    I used this resource in ELA and have the students make a google slide presentation using the words! Quizzes and Tests are very easy to use.

  101. Ashley W

    Extremely colorful and was very informative for my students

  102. Barbi B

    I used this resource to create a digital word study notebook for my students. We discuss 2-3 new stems each day, Monday through Thursday, and then quiz on Friday. It is a great resource to discuss word meanings, and my students are really enjoying this! Very easy to assign to students, as well.

  103. Emily E

    I have a few students with morphology as an I.E.P. benchmark. This is a set of comprehensive lists of words we can use for our understanding of word parts that appear EVERYWHERE! Thank you!

  104. Jessica S

    This was a wonderful resource for teaching and reviewing Greek and Latin root words.

  105. Marcy Johnson 

    Awesome resource!!

  106. Guadalupe M

    Very good resource. Helped my students a lot.

  107. janelle S

    I love how all inclusive this product is, my students enjoyed learning about Latin and Greek roots, so these activities served as the perfect extra practice.

  108. Cara N

    Loved this resource while teaching virtual 5th grade last year!! 😀 It was easy to edit as needed.

  109. Jeanette Herndon 

    So perfect!!! Great value, love it. Very impressed. The kids loved it

  110. Brenna G

    So far my students have loved this. I use the weekly words and then make my own digital quizzes. It has been a great help in my class.

  111. Judy W

    This resource has been an amazing tool. I love the brightness in the designs. The students seem to interact better with the resources that are attractive.

  112. Wife Teacher Boxer Mom  

    Very helpful in teaching students how to decipher vocabulary by using the roots. Students were engaged.

  113. MsGowinslilshop 

    Great resource to help the kids understand the standard!

  114. Mariah W

    This has been a great weekly resource to incorporate often tricky words into my classroom plans.

  115. Kristen’s Creations 

    This is a great, quick and easy resource for students to practice Greek and Latin roots.

  116. Emily M

    Thank you for this! Its so useful!

  117. Jessica G

    I have searched for a Greek/Latin curriculum for quite awhile, and this is the only one I actually ended up using. I tweak it a little bit here and there, so I wish it was editable. Overall, it’s been an astounding purchase.

  118. The Happy Scientist 

    Great Lesson!!

  119. Michelle G

    Thank you!

  120. Catherine W

    Very helpful.

  121. Brenda Z

    My students loved this resource.

  122. Jennifer F

    Extremely useful resource that I use daily with my classes.

  123. Jennifer S

    I liked the materials. The organization and practice allowed for quick checks.

  124. Joshua S

    Bought this set during my second year of teaching, and I love it. I’ve used it almost every year I’ve taught.

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Greek and Latin Root Word Lists, Quizzes, and Assessment


Latin and Greek Roots Word Activities: Lists, Quizzes, and Assessments