Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Book Activities for First and Second Grade


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Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Book Activities for 1st and 2nd Grade:

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak is a perfect segue for teaching your students about the power of growth mindset.

Conceptually, these ideas are perfect for any level, but due to buyer requests, this literature unit was created for 1st-2nd graders in mind.

Infused with reflections, challenges (including a STEM challenge for creating slingshots using rubber bands), a mini-book about the brain, and opportunities to learn about growth mindset, your students will surely learn and have a great deal of fun!

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Book Activities Included:

  • Brainstorming ways to use elastics
  • Comparing and contrasting using a Venn diagram
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • A rubber band challenge
  • Coloring parts of the Brain
  • Fantastic Elastic Brain bookmarks (in full color and black and white)
  • My Brain Mini-book
  • Slingshot STEM challenge
  • Growth Mindset Posters (5 posters in full color and in black and white)


This product includes a digital option (as well as the no prep printable option). The instructions for utilizing the digital portion appear at the end of the packet.

This PDF file includes 37 pages + Google Slides.

266 reviews for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain Book Activities for First and Second Grade

Based on 266 reviews
  1. LS

    Laura S

    I’m really excited to use this with my first graders. I loved the unit you made for older students and was thrilled that you were willing to make a modified unit with younger students in mind. You did a wonderful job of keeping the quality of the message and content consistent but making the type and volume of text age-appropriate. Thank you!

  2. AL

    Ann Loftus 

    We are working on growth mindsets daily, and this provides another resource. Thank you!

  3. AL

    Ann Loftus 

    We are working on growth mindsets daily, and this provides another resource. Thank you!

  4. AG

    Alexis G

    This was a nice supplement to my introductory growth mindset unit.

  5. AG

    Alexis G

    This was a nice supplement to my introductory growth mindset unit.

  6. EW

    Erin White 

    I just bought the book My Fantastic Elastic Brain and I can’t wait to use it, and this resource, with my students!

  7. AT

    Adele T

    A great literacy/pos. ed resource!

  8. AT

    Adele T

    A great literacy/pos. ed resource!

  9. BT

    Bonnie T

    Fantastic Resource for 1st graders 🙂

  10. KS

    Kristine Summers 

    Awesome thanks!

  11. GP

    Growing Positive Minds 

    This was exactly what I was looking for to use for the beginning of the year!

  12. CT

    Chelsie T

    Love this! Thank you!

  13. JH

    Jane Hensley 

    Full of so many wonderful ideas! Thanks!

  14. CE

    Charlene E

    Thank you for this amazing resource for such an important book and content for all students!

  15. SH

    Shelly H

    Great exercises and wonderful reinforcement for learning this topic. The kids really enjoy them. The bookmark is a nice yet simple and fun give away.

  16. CG

    Catherine Glanville 

    This looks perfect for my students. Thank you

  17. JW

    Jayne W

    So great

  18. TW

    Traci W

    Thanks! Love it and can’t wait to use it in my classroom! Exactly what I was looking for! Great quality!

  19. CT

    Carrie Tubbs 

    Can’t wait to use

  20. RO

    Reflections of a Teacher  

    Can’t wait to teach growth mindset in my class thank you.

  21. LB

    Loving Books Naturally 

    Can’t wait to use this resource with my students this year!

  22. AG

    Angie G

    Excited to use this with my class 🙂

  23. LM

    Lisa M

    I have this book and look forward to using these activities this year.

  24. KS

    Krissy Sullivan 

    great product

  25. JA

    Jesse Atkinson 

    Love this! Can’t wait to start the year off with it!

  26. KW

    Kelly Wagner 

    Love this!

  27. RP

    Ropers Pocket 

    Thank you for the great resource!

  28. TB

    Trisha Bauer 

    LOVE THIS and cannot wait to use it in the new school year! 🙂

  29. MC

    Mary C

    Love this book for teaching growth mindset. Thanks for the resources!

  30. CM

    Catharine M

    Love this book…saw this resource, so wanted to try it out. Looking forward to using it in class this year.

  31. PG


    I am so excited to use this. Thank you.

  32. LS

    Lesa S

    So excited to use this with my class!

  33. DM


    LOVED everything about this companion pack-my students love the book and we have used many of these activities as follow up to the book!

  34. RF

    Robyn F

    This is such a great resource to help everyone understand growth mindset.

  35. SA

    sylvia A

    looking forward to using

  36. MP

    monica P

    This has appealed to my wide range of tier III students!
    Thank you

  37. SS

    Samantha Smith 

    So excited to use this in my classroom!

  38. AS

    Andrea S

    Love this! My first graders loved the little books for learning how to grow their brains and make them stronger.

  39. ST

    Sara T

    I am so excited about this resource

  40. DC

    Danielle C

    Excited to use this with my students!

  41. RW

    Regina White 

    Thank you, One of my favorite books

  42. HF

    Hanna F


  43. KF

    Kimberly F

    My students loved this book and the activities that went with it. Thank you.

  44. SL

    Sylvia Lopez 

    Awesome!!! Cant’t wait to put it to use!!!!

  45. JM

    julia M

    This is a great unit for the beginning of the year. Getting kids to think about their abilities and having a growth mindset will set the tone for the school year.

  46. KS

    Kelley S

    Really liked this!

  47. NL


    Wonderful activities to support the book/growth mindset.

  48. SW

    Second with Ferguson 

    Great activities for a great book!

  49. AF

    Ann F

    Can’t wait to implement this in the classroom.

  50. AW

    Anne W

    Excited to use this!

  51. CM

    Carrie M

    Great product to go with a great book!

  52. MH

    Michelle H

    Great resource, thanks

  53. LR

    Linda R

    Love it. The kids enjoyed making the slingshots!

  54. KV

    Kimberly V

    Very helpful.

  55. KA

    Kristin A

    Great activities. Simple enough for my class of ELs!

  56. MA

    Miss Ashley E C

    A great resource to go along with the book!

  57. SM

    Sandra M

    My first graders loved making the brain booklet. The posters are fabulous! We have them on our wall and have discussed all of them in morning meetings. Thank you for sharing with us!

  58. SV

    Sheryl V


  59. LM

    Linda M

    Awesome Resource!!!!

  60. TS

    Thea Summers 


  61. CH

    Cathy H

    My first graders loved these activities. We used them to introduce Growth Mindset on the first few days of school. The rubber band challenge was just the right difficulty level to make them work, but not to hard to make them frustrated. I could really have a great discussion with them about not giving up and using the words “I can’t do this YET.”

  62. GG

    Groovy Grade OneTwo 

    Love it! Thanks

  63. BC

    Bernadette C

    Love these activities. Just waiting for the book to come in. Thanks!

  64. JM

    Jamie M

    Can’t wait to use this!

  65. JG

    Jeannie G

    Thanks! Great product!

  66. SH

    samantha H


  67. SH

    samantha H


  68. CH

    Caroline H

    This was great for my 2nd graders! Thank you!

  69. AR

    April R

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  70. SG

    Stephanie G

    Awesome resource!

  71. TD

    Tonya D

    Fantastic resource!

  72. SC

    stephen C

    A very nice resource!

  73. DB

    Damaris B

    Great resource! Thank you!

  74. CM

    carolyn mary 

    My students LOVED these growth mindset activities. Thanks!

  75. AM

    Allison M

    Thank you so much! This is a great resource for the beginning of the year to introduce growth mindset!

  76. JM

    Jenay M

    The kids are able to follow the activities!

  77. BB

    Bilingual Birdy 

    Loved the book and love this!

  78. AJ

    Amanda J

    My second grade class is having a blast with this kit! We’ve read the book and now we are tackling the challenges in this kit with loads of laughs!! Thank you!

  79. AK

    Adriana Kenning 

    Love this! I did part with them and left part for my sub! I felt it was very productive and engaging!!

  80. CA

    Catherine A

    Awesome activities! Thank you!

  81. AH

    Angel Honts-Learn and Teach by the Beach 

    Love this book! Thank you for the activities!

  82. RA

    Rise and Thrive Co 

    This was such a great extension for the book. My kids loved it!

  83. SC

    Sarah C

    A great resource!

  84. SP

    Shannon P

    Great resources to accompany the book!

  85. KA

    kim A

    Thank you such great ideas.

  86. DB

    Duncan Barber 

    Good resource.

  87. GM

    Gabriela M

    Very helpful to teach the Growth Mindset.

  88. MF

    Mary Frances H

    My 2nd graders LOVE growth mindset and it has given many the extra confidence boost they need to take risks and accept challenges. I have really seen a shift in their attitudes towards difficult tasks and hear them repeating the rhetoric in these materials all the time. We use the bookmarks we decorated for our agendas so students are even reminded at home how important it is for homework to be done with a growth mindset in mind! Thank you for putting this wonderful resource together!

  89. KC

    Keenya C

    Loved this!

  90. CM

    Cathy M

    Great activities to go with the book!

  91. KH

    Kimberly H

    Kids enjoyed the activities.

  92. RR

    Rebecca R

    Great growth mindset lessons!

  93. CC

    Cheri C

    Just what I was looking for, thanks;)

  94. ME

    Megan E 

    Love this resource to go along with the book! Thank you!

  95. KP

    Kaitlin P

    Thank you so much for this great resource!!

  96. RH

    Rena Hutchinson 

    Kids enjoyed it!

  97. KK

    kimberly K

    Thank you

  98. HA

    Heart and Mind Learning 

    Growth mindset is so important for kiddos to learn. Thank you for a great resource!

  99. BM

    Brandy M

    Thank you for a great product.

  100. EM

    Ericka M

    This purchase will not dissapoint. Lots of resoources to choose from and hands on activities.

  101. CB

    carolyn B

    Thank you for sharing! Great resource for the kiddos.

  102. RR

    Resource Resources by Miss M 

    We loved these activities! Thank you!

  103. SF

    Sara F

    Great visual resources to use with the book! Thank you! I work with kids with Dyslexia, and they are easily bogged down by too many words. Your Fantastic Elastic Brain is an invaluable resource, and the visual sheets you made, along with the bookmark, helps students take away the main ideas presented in the book.

  104. KN

    Kim N

    Great resource

  105. EM

    Elizabeth M

    I loved using this as I taught about the brain and how to learn. Thank you.

  106. EM

    Erin M

    These worked well with my ELL kiddos. Thanks

  107. NL

    Nicole L

    This worked out great with my lesson!

  108. BD

    Brayden D


  109. TP

    Tanya P

    Such a creative and fun way to teach a growth mindset! Amazon has a reasonable price on the hardback edition of this book (Prime is free shipping!).

  110. HB

    Heather B

    Good variety of activities. My second graders really enjoyed them and it helped the ideas stick. Thanks!

  111. DT

    Deborah T

    These materials expanded my current lessons on the brain. They helped my students tell me what they learned.

  112. AG

    Allison G

    Such a cute resource!

  113. AA

    Anna A

    This is a GREAT resource!! Thank you!

  114. CP

    Cheryl P

    Wonderful addition to my MBE driven classroom!

  115. KB

    Katrina B

    So awesome!

  116. MB

    Melissa B S

    This was amazing!

  117. RR

    Robin R

    This resource was great for my students at the beginning of the year, they loved the activities and connections to text and self that we made. My kids loved ll the activities! Thanks!

  118. NB

    Nikolette B

    Just what I was looking for!

  119. MM

    Miranda M

  120. CM

    Chris M

    Great Buy!

  121. SF

    S for Sped 

    I LOVE THIS! Can I tell you that as an ECE teacher with a background in psychology and a love for special education, this bundle was the perfect pair for this book. I learned a lot just teaching it too!

  122. RC

    Rebecca C

    Excited to use this for the upcoming year!

  123. AA

    Ashleigh A

    perfect, thank you

  124. JM

    Janna M K

    I teach K-6 so bought both sets. I love the graphics and love this book and this really expanded how I can use it with my students beyond an interactive read aloud.

  125. DM

    Doris M

    Great product!

  126. CV

    Charlotte V

    Great activity! Thank you for creating and sharing!

  127. MA

    Melissa A

    Great product. However, it was a little too advanced for my first graders at the beginning of the year.

  128. AG

    Abbie G

    Looking forward to using this product! Thank you!

  129. TH

    Tara H

    This unit is so great! Can’t wait to use it our first week of school!

  130. MA

    Melissa A

    Great product. However, it was a little too advanced for my first graders at the beginning of the year.

  131. KD

    Krista D

    Looking forward to using this in September!

  132. AG

    Anne G

    Super fun!

  133. LR

    Lindsey Rakowski 

    I have the version for my older/advanced kiddos so I’m super excited to use this one for my lower/younger students! We start the book soon 🙂

  134. AW

    Amy W

    Love the book and teaching my kids about growth mindset. This resource allows me to take the book even further!

  135. CH

    Cristina H

    Great product! Thank you!

  136. HK

    Heather K

    Great Resoucre!

  137. BM

    Brittany Morton 

    Thank you!! My students really loved this!!

  138. LT

    Lisa T

    Can’t wait to use this in my 2nd grade lesson this week!

  139. MB

    Michelle Bransfield 

    great to use when teaching growth mindset!

  140. JS

    Jessica S


  141. JD

    JUDY D


  142. JS

    Jessica S

    LOVED by both teachers and students in 2nd grade 🙂

  143. KL

    Kim L

    perfect! kids loved it!

  144. TH

    The Honey Bunch 

    I love this book and can’t wait to use these activities with my students. Thanks!

  145. JE

    Jessica E

    Loved this for my class!

  146. MP

    Mary Patricia Brown 

    Can’t wait to use this in class!

  147. JT

    Joe T

    Loved the color posters and bookmarks!

  148. HD

    Heather D

    Excellent resource for the book! Thank you for creating it.

  149. NR

    Nathan R

    A great resource to use with our study of our brain.

  150. SC

    Shauna C

    Great resource. Thank you!

  151. IS

    Ingrid Shores 

    Perfect! Thanks!!!

  152. MC

    Michelle C

    Great for young kids!

  153. TM

    Traci M

    Awesome resource! So helpful and engaging!

  154. MS

    Molly S

    I can’t wait to use these activities with my first graders! Thanks for creating!

  155. ME

    Mary Ellen S

    This is one of my favorite resources! Thank you!

  156. AS

    Ashley S

    Perfect way to start the year!

  157. KR

    Keri R

    Thank you.

  158. AW

    Ashley W

    This was a great resource for the first few weeks of school to really get students to understand and apply growth mindset.

  159. TU

    tina uhland 


  160. AB

    Abby Boruff 

    Love this book extension!

  161. LR

    Larissa R

    Great activities for exploring growth mindset!

  162. BS

    Britney S

    Love how comprehensive this is! Thank you for creating it!

  163. SR

    Salina R

    Great resource! Excited to use some of these activities with my students.

  164. MS

    MaryAnne S

    This is a great resource to teacher first graders about a growth mindset.

  165. TF

    Teresa F

    My students loved this book and truly enjoyed doing these activities. Thank you.

  166. EW

    Erin Weaver 

    We used this at literacy night and the families loved it.

  167. LH

    Lindsie H

    Students loved learning about how their brains work

  168. LD

    Lisa D

    As with the upper grades version it is easy to prep. Love that growth mindset challenges are built into the lessons and discussed during the debriefs.

  169. AM

    A Mindset for Cupcakes 

    Great extension to a fantastic mindset book! My learners LOVED exploring their brain It’s exciting to hear them connecting this learning to their experiences in school.

  170. KV

    Kristen V

    Awesome resource! Thanks!

  171. NR

    Natalie R

    Helpful for lesson ideas.

  172. SF

    sonya F

    The growth mindset activities are very engaging and informative.

  173. JR

    Jackie R

    This was a wonderful resource for Growth Mindset activities. Thank you.

  174. SY

    Stephanie Young 

    Great resource for teaching Growth Mindset.

  175. AW

    Amber W

    Such a great resource

  176. MW

    melanie W

    great loved it

  177. MW

    melanie W

    great loved it

  178. AD

    Amanda D

    Helped create some meaningful conversations!

  179. CT

    Camo Teacher 


  180. TT

    The Town Counselor 

    Fun options for growth mindset lessons!

  181. CC

    Cristina C

    Great to supplement discussions. The bookmarks were a hit!

  182. JW

    Jordan W

    I love this book and enjoy teaching students about their brain to help with their growth mindset. I found all the activities very engaging.

  183. EF

    Elainna F

    What a thorough resource! So many activities to choose from.

  184. KH

    Kimi H

    cute resource to go along with the book

  185. TJ

    Traci J

    Great Resource! Thanks!

  186. CM

    Christina M

    My students loved this!

  187. MC

    Mona C

    Good resource!

  188. EW

    Emily W

    I have used this product for two years and love it! I will be using it for the next school year too.

  189. EW

    Emily W

    I have used this product for two years and love it! I will be using it for the next school year too.

  190. KM

    kelly M

    love it!

  191. AL

    Alyssa L

    So excited for this!

  192. T


    Can’t wait to use this with my students!

  193. AB

    Ashley B

    Worked very well with the book.

  194. JR

    Jillian R

    Students love learning about the brain

  195. LC

    Lisa C

    Thanks so much for this unit!

  196. LE

    Loyce E

    Very helpful!

  197. MS

    M S 

    I liked using this as a resource to teach about Growth Mindset. I also have adapted it to use with my 4th graders.

  198. EK

    Ellen K

    My class enjoyed these activities.

  199. AI

    Art Invention Lab 

    Really enjoyed the direct connection to our reading of the Fantastic Elastic Brain.

  200. CL

    Caroline L

    Great addition to my Mindset activities!

  201. JH

    Jennifer H

    loved it!

  202. MM

    Maria M

    Love the fun activities! Great resource!

  203. JS

    Jennifer S

    Great resource.

  204. KS

    Kevin S

    Great, for growth mindset.

  205. LB

    Laura B

    I love the range of these activities. My students loved doing the brain/elastic band comparison!

  206. RT

    Rebecca T

    Great resource for the story.

  207. KA

    KerryAnn A


  208. SH

    Stefanie H

    Great product!!!

  209. KW


    Love using this to teach growth mindset

  210. SL

    Sweet Life In Second 

    Love this! Whenever and however I can tie in learning about our brains/growth mindset, I’m all for it. This resource has great things to do just that!

  211. MA

    Martha A

    A great way to kick off the school year! Thanks!

  212. TB

    Taylor Brown 


  213. K


    This was a good resource for grade 1 at the beginning of the year.

  214. MC

    Megan C

    Thank you!

  215. TC

    The Creative Owl 

    The kids loved this! Thank you!

  216. BP

    Brandy P

    Great companion for the book!

  217. AW

    Adventures With Ms Chinchilla 

    Great for growth mindset

  218. SL

    Sharon L S

    I introduced this at the beginning of the year and still have it displayed. The students refer to it often.

  219. AW

    Alison W

    Great in small groups!

  220. GB

    Gretchen B

    I really wanted to incorporate a growth mindset in my classroom, and these activities were a great way to do that!

  221. MB


    Great way to open up the culture of Growth mindset, and Stem challenges.

  222. SE

    Sarah E Masters 


  223. AS

    Amanda S

    This was a great addition to my classroom instruction.

  224. DP

    Dawn P

    My students loved this activity.

  225. SD

    Sarah D

    I use this resource with this book every year as an introduction to growth mindset. It is so helpful!

  226. DK

    Devan K

    Thank you

  227. CN

    Cristina N

    It was perfect for my students to complete during distance learning. It was easy for them to understand and easy for me to upload to google classroom! Thank you!

  228. TG

    Teresa G

    Great resource for my growth mindset unit.

  229. AB

    Amanda B

    Very helpful resource – thank you!!!

  230. MB

    Meghan B

    This was great for our quarterly STEAM Day activities! We were able to incorporate Growth Mindset as well as STEAM. My kids loved building a slingshot/cannon. We spent a lot of time designing, building, testing and redesigning!

  231. VW

    Vickie W

    Just what I needed to begin growth mindset with my students to make that transition from remote learning to in-school learning. Thank yo!

  232. SW

    Stacey W

    My students absolutely loved learning about the fantastic elastic brain! Thank you!

  233. ND

    Nicole D

    We love learning about having a growth mindset! This activity was a great way to engage 2nd graders!

  234. MM

    Michelle M

    Thank you for a great resource to work on testing their brain.

  235. LR

    Leah R

    Exactly what we were looking for, thank you!

  236. JC

    Jennifer C

    This was a great resource to help teach growth and fixed mindset to my remote learners

  237. LP

    Lisa P

    Yes, I use it all the time to encourage my students learning!

  238. AM

    Audra Mason Kimpel 

    I loved this lesson and so did my students. Thanks!

  239. FR

    Felicia R

    Great resource. Thank you!

  240. SE

    Stephanie E

    I love the start the year wtih this activity and read aloud.

  241. CM

    Caroline M

    One of my favorite resources for teaching growth mindset!

  242. MS

    melyssa S

    Thank you for fantastic yet simple resource

  243. NH

    Natalie H

    My kids LOVED learning about their brains and this resource was amazing!

  244. TN

    Tashima N

    Very helpful resource for our mindfulness unit.

  245. LV

    Loretta V

    This is a great resource. I use it at the beginning of the school year, and revisit after breaks or when we need a reminder.

  246. LS

    Lakshna S

    Loved it

  247. SW

    Sara W


  248. NR

    Nicole Reiner 

    Very engaging!

  249. AP

    April P

    These lessons were great to go along with the book. They made the book more accessible for the students and kept them engaged in learning about growth mindset.

  250. TP

    Tammy P

    my students loved this resource. It seemed to fit almost all of them in some way.

  251. MK

    Marie K

    These activities were perfect for my students with learning disabilities.

  252. EF

    Estella F

    I have read this book in the past. It is one of my favorite books to read at the beginning of the school year. I am most excited to do the STEM activity with my class.

  253. TL

    Tracy L

    My students used this resource for growth mindset.

  254. AS

    Angela S

    This resource is the perfect companion to the Fantastic Elastic Brain! My kiddos were so engaged!

  255. EC

    Elizabeth Cufari 

    very helpful resource that was great for growth mindset

  256. MG

    Melissa G

    Fabulous resource, Thank you!

  257. MY

    Michelle Y

    Great resource!

  258. RH

    Rachel H

    Great resource to add to my teaching toolbox. Thanks so much!

  259. KH

    Kaitlyn H

    Kids loved it! Easy to use

  260. SW

    Suzie W

    I used this with my gifted students. They loved the book and the activities. Thanks.

  261. RN

    Renee N 


  262. LH

    Lacretia H

    A well crafted resource that is easily implemented.

  263. KK

    Kim K

    Fun resource!

  264. AH

    Anna H

    Great extension options for this book. I love having extra SEL based resources at the ready.

  265. PT

    Priscila T

    Great small group resource. This is a no prep item and saved me a ton of time.

  266. AM

    Amanda M

    This is a fantastic supplement to our study about our brains.

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